If you have been following Jeremy Lin’s career, then you know that it’s been a bumpy ride for the guy. His career started off with him being cut from teams and playing in the D-League. And when things started to seem like it was looking up for him (Linsanity), it was quickly cooled down. He played pretty well for the Houston Rockets, but he just wasn’t a good fit there. And when he was playing in L.A., the Lakers were just bad. Needless to say, he wasn’t having fun playing the game that he loved.

But last season, playing for the Charlotte Hornets reignited a fire or “the love for the game” in him. During an interview on Facebook Live on Thursday, Lin told ESPN that while he was playing in Charlotte, he was able to learn a lot of Coach Steve Clifford, and the team played basketball the right way, where the ball was being moved and they were playing as a unit.

"Going to Charlotte was a breath of fresh air," Lin said. "I learned so much from Cliff [Hornets coach Steve Clifford]. ... We played the right way, we moved the ball, we played as a team. It was just beautiful. It just brought back everything I thought basketball to be, and I had so much fun with it."

During the offseason, the Hornets wanted to bring Lin back, but didn’t have enough cap space as they brought back Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams. So, Lin signed a three-year, $36 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets, a team he feels will give him the opportunity to be a leader.

''I definitely feel a much stronger responsibility or leadership role that I didn't in my last two or three teams,'' he told The Associated Press on Monday at the Nets' media day. ''I feel like for me here, a lot of it's going to fall on me and Brook (Lopez) setting the tone every day in workouts, even how we live off the court and how we take care of our bodies, eat and sleep.''

But aside from the opportunities that he will get on the court, Lin is just happy to be back in New York, the city where his “career took off.”

''At the end of the day, the best fit was here,'' Lin said. ''I was just extra excited when it happened because I get to come back here, my friends are here, the fans, get some good food and just be back where my career took off.''

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