The Phoenix Suns are going to record high fives this season

In 1973, the NBA started recording blocked shots and steals. This was revolutionary for the sport because fans and analyst can now quantify who was a good defender or who the best defender in the league was.

A few years later, in 1979, the league adopted the three point arc (they took the idea from their competitors, the ABA) and started recording three pointers, and once again, this changed the game. Final scores were higher, and some player’s scoring averages increased too. But more importantly, adding the three point arc changed how some players played the game.

Instead of driving the ball or posting up near the basket for an inside shot, the extra one point from shooting beyond the arc acted as an incentive for some players to shoot the ball from further out. In today’s game, three point shooting is a very important skill.

Now, in 2016, another important aspect of the game will be recorded. On Monday night, Phoenix Suns Head Coach Earl Watson told Cody Cunningham of that the team will be recording high fives this season.

“We have a high-five stat,” Watson said, following their 91-86 win over the San Antonio Spurs. “I’m being honest with you. This is true. So we want to keep track of how many high-fives we get per game to each other.”

Before you knock their new stat, listen to what Dacher Keltner, a Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley, has to say about how a touch like high fives can actually translate to better team play:

So what do you think? Is it a good idea? Will the NBA adopt this stat down the road? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.