Couple quick Sun Bowl thoughts

By gurinproduct
Dec. 30, 2016

Caught the end of a very entertaining Sun Bowl matchup between UNC and Stanford. Mitch Trubisky led a 97 yard drive in a little over a minute but they missed the 2 and lost 25-23. He made some really good throws including across his body, and on the run, eluding oncoming rushers in his face. He also threw a pick 6, so his evaluation is very uncertain as the draft season approaches.

On the other hand, there was no doubt who the best player in the game was. Solomon Thomas, DL for Stanford was an absolute monster. Constant pressure in the backfield on the run and the pass, including the game clinching sack of Trubisky on the 2 point conversion try. He did nothing but improve his stock looking a big DL with great mobility and motor.

Oh and btw, Jeff Teague has 17 assists tonight lol ????