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BeastLine Sports is not big yet, and it is nowhere near a finished product. However, as we attempt to grow our small twitter account into a brand, and eventually a company, we deemed it important to write an introductory article, expalining what BeastLine Sports is, what we are about, and what we hope to accomplish.

What is BeastLine Sports?

-BeastLine Sports is aiming to be a sports website, podcast, and overall, a unique sporting universe for fans. One of the biggest problems we have found in the sporting industry is how closed of a society it is. For example, in order for one to get a job in professional sports, there seems to be an old tradition of "having to know somebody". What we mean by this is, that a lot of professional coaches were former players, and a decent amount of front office executives have been around a league for thirty years. It seems almost impossible for us as average fans to connect with the real-world of sports. Far too often are we at home watching the game on our television, voicing our frustrations with a team or decisions on social media rather than being in a position of power. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that every fan becomes a GM or have a say in a team's decision, but wouldn't it be nice to feel as if the team is hearing you? A perfect example is the disconnect some of our leagues and teams have with the fans. The jersey decision process is almost exclusively decided by those within an organization. The Dallas Mavericks were one of the few teams to have the fans decide an alternate jersey (Skyline jerseys, which by the way, look awesome). Wouldn't it be nice to feel as if you were part of the decision regarding which jersey your team wore, or which players your team played/signed?

-Our main mission is to flip the sporting world on its head, and try to add in the aspect of inclusion from all fans. We believe it is long overdue for an organization to truly hear the fans speak. Not just that, however, but it is beyond frustrating to have to experience an awesome game/atmosphere on television. World Series, NBA Finals, or Super Bowl tickets are extremely expensive and nearly impossible to get, some college football games make it extremely hard to get a decent seat, and feel involved in a whole campus atmosphere without paying a premium, and the common fans feel left out. We feel as if the biggest impact we make to our team is buying their jersey, sitting on our coach, and cheering them on.

BeastLine Sports Brand

-Currently, BeastLine Sports is operating only a Twitter account, and has only 36 followers. Beisdes stating our statement and mission, we are writing this introductory article to push our brand, to push what BeastLine Sports is. At BeastLine, we are hoping to give fans a whole new and innovative experience to feel involved in the huge world of sports. One of the signature BeastLine trademarks is our "Beast of the Night". Every night, we choose one of the best athletes of the night, and dub him "Beast of the Night". In just our two short months, we have named players such as Giancarlo Stanton, Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins, and more BEASTS of the night. However, as we grow as a brand, we hope to give this power to the fans. What better way to change the exclusive sporting world than to let the fans decide who the best athlete of the night is? Ideally, this is our goal, to create a mass following of sport fans that can passionately add their opinion about specific athletes, and to hopefully create and foster fan-athlete relationships. Additionally, we hope eventually we came name a "Beast of the Month", which will put all of our "Beast of the Nights" against each other in a tournament style contest, and the fans will vote for who they believe the best athlete of the month was, whether it be an individual performance, or mastery throughout a month. One of our dreams is to eventually produce "Beast of the Month" apparel, and to honor the fan-chosen Beast of the Month with a customized t-shirt, and create our own athlete wall of fame.

BeastLine Sports Ideas

-As BeastLine Sports grows, hopefully Beast Nation will grow, and become extremely passionate about our brand. Obviously, this is going to be very fan-oriented, so any suggestions by the fans will definitely be taken into consideration. However, as we attempt to gain more recognition, we will currently stick to Twitter (@BeastlineSports), and by writing articles on here. Eventually, we hope to get our very own website, in addition to a sport podcast (Beast Talk), and branch out among sports, creating a separate affiliate for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Fantasy Sports (and Daily Fantasy), and to further branch into having individual college affiliates. Obviously, two of us are not going to drive BeastLine this far, so down the road, we could potentially be searching for some help to operate our brand.

-Our main goal for BeastLine Sports is to truly reimagine the ways a common fan can interact with their favorite teams, favorite players, and just the game in general. We imagine ourselves eventually exploring the world of sport in a way we have never seen before, through travelling to big games, exploring all 30 MLB Stadiums, experiencing different college campuses and sporting events, and just completely immersing ourselves in the world of sport. We hope you decide to join us in what we hope is a magical ride toward recreating a fan's perception of sport. If you like what you have read, please consider following us on twitter (@BeastlineSports), and tweeting us suggestions, ideas, or simply by voting in our polls. We appreciate any and all support, and remember, we are aiming to be a fan-inclusive brand. Bring your ideas to BeastLine, we are officially ready to try and change the sporting industry.

-Matt & Jett

-Founders of BeastLine Sports

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