Nick Saban not happy at halftime and after the game

By Randy Belk
Nov. 20, 2016

From the halftime interview of yesterday's game against Chattanooga, this was probably the most unhappy Nick Saban has been with the team this year. Anybody who knows Nick Saban knows that the halftime locker room was not a place for the faint of heart after being out gained by Chattanooga in total yards despite Alabama holding a 14-3 lead at halftime. When approached by the ESPN sideline reporter at the conclusion of the first half he was asked “How have you told your players what kind of game you are in?” Nick Saban replied, “Well I’m gonna tell em right now. I mean I’m embarrassed the way played this half.”

Inside the locker room a few of the players stood up and addressed the team before the coaches. Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster, Dalvin Tomlinson and Jalen Hurts were the main ones to speak out on the first half performance. That did not keep Nick Saban from airing out his feelings to his team in a simple message about the first half. Nick said, "Do you believe me now?" @#$%^&*!!!!!!!! You can fill in the blanks with some of the colorful adjectives used in describing what he saw in the first half. 

After the game Nick was in just a little better mood after his team played better in the second half. Saban said, "I thought our players responded well in the second half. The defensive did a good job of only giving up three points. We didn’t have a lot of consistency on offense." He also complimented Chattanooga on how they played, "You have to give Chattanooga a lot of credit. They played with a lot of toughness."

One statement stood out on what he felt was the real issue on why Alabama got off to such a slow start in the game. "I worried about it all week long," Saban said. "When you're playing conference games every week and other big games every week it's really hard to get guys not to have a let-down. When you use the word just ... just racing against this guy, I'm 'just' playing this team, you set yourself up for thinking something is going to be easy, and you can be complacent. You don't have to have the same kind of energy level to go play the game. So I think that's deeply rooted."

If there was any sleep walking by the team this past week I do not see that being a problem this week. It is Iron Bowl week. If anything the let down this week will set notice to this team and look for them to go into hyper focus this week for Auburn.