Predicting National League Records

By Jon Lowe
Jan. 14, 2020

If you want more information on how I came to these conclusions, please check out my individual articles on each team.

National League East

Washington 91-71

Atlanta 90-72

Philadelphia 84-78

New York Mets 83-79

Miami 59-103

National League Central:

Chicago Cubs 89-73

Milwaukee 86-76

St. Louis 84-78

Cincinnati 82-80

Pittsburgh 67-96

National League West:

LA Dodgers 101-61

San Diego 86-76

Arizona 78-84

Colorado 75-87

San Francisco 68-94

As you can see, there is a tie for the second wild card, which would be fun especially since they made a pretty significant trade. Based on the divisional records, the Padres would be more likely to have a better record against their division, so it might favor the Padres. Either way, this is obviously a very crowded conference, with nine teams within nine games of each other, all above .500.