Top 10: Best College Football Jerseys

College Football jerseys are becoming more and more innovative and sleek as time goes on, But can a few retro jerseys crack into the top 10? This won't be a list of only powerhouse programs with the largest budgets, but a mix of teams from across the board. Can you predict who will take home the #1 spot?

#10 Navy Midshipmen

This Jersey is incredibly vibrant and pleasing on the eye with the traditional colors of Navy blue and Gold making this jersey one of the best in the country. The gold helmet is one of the most recognizable helmets in the country.

#9 Oregon Ducks

This jersey is a one-of-a-kind type of look with Oregon attempting (and succeeding) in trying to look like a duck. From head to toe, this jersey screams out "duck" and is a masterpiece by Nike yet again with the Oregon program that is constantly pushing the envelope in jersey appeal.

#8 Penn State Nittany Lions

This jersey is such a classic look that we may never see go away. The simplicity of the white helmets and navy jerseys will continue to be a staple for years to come in Happy Valley, PA.

#7 Texas Longhorns

Just like the Nittany Lions jersey has been a staple for many generations, the simple yet visually pleasing Texas Longhorns jersey has been that and more. This jersey is a little more complex with the team name involved with the jersey as well as the world-renowned logo of the orange longhorn on the helmet.

#6 UCLA Bruins

The color scheme the Bruins have to their name makes these jerseys so appealing it's tough not to fall in love with the look. The jersey is not overly sophisticated, but still has great balance with colors from head to toe.

# 5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more class looking jersey than this Fighting Irish getup. The all-gold helmet matched with the navy jersey that does not have any writing except for the numbers of the players is one of the finest jerseys you'll find on the football field in the country.

#4 California Bears

This retro look was released in 2018 to commemorate Cal great Joe Roth and the team has not looked back since. This jersey is easy on the eye and fans love the classic "C" logo on the helmets instead of the "Cal" cursive logo. This jersey is deserving of its rank as one of the best in the country thanks to its strong balance of bright colors head to toe.

#3 North Carolina Tar Heels

The Carolina Blue jerseys are one of a kind and can not be emulated anywhere else in sports. This uniform look appeals to the masses as it brings the classic look of predominantly Carolina Blue, but it also includes unique crossed patterned stitching around the collars of each jersey.

#2 Baylor Bears

This is one of the most underrated jersey combinations in the country and deserves some respect. The old gold helmet with the Baylor logo is visible from a mile away. Match that with the all-black jersey and pants and you have yourself one of the sleekest jerseys in the country.

#1 USC Trojans

The Trojans look is as classic and still appealing as it gets. The other classic jerseys mentioned don't have as much character as this uniform choice due to the fact they don't include a yellow trojan to top everything off on the helmet. The Trojans uniform has changed little over time and we can completely understand why.