Miami Heat v Hornets - NBA

By BettingPreviews
Oct. 28, 2016

This will be the second match on the road for the Hornets, after visiting Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday. As of now, Hornets are tied with Atlanta and Miami in Southeast, as they all managed to get a win in their first game of the season. Now Hornets seek another win after winning over Bucks (96:107). In the match against Bucks, Hornets put up a great performance, as they held their lead from the end of the 1st quarter. Much of that success is due to great defensive performance, only letting Bucks shoot 42.4%. We could see great showing from Kidd-Gilchrist M., who scored 23 points and got 14 rebounds, Walker with 17 points and 8 assists, Williams who got a double-double with 13 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists and Roy Hibbert, who had a great debut with 15 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks. In the end Hornets won with 44.9% and this needs to improve against a strong Miami.

The goal for Heat is (of course) same as for Hornets; to get another win. After a win over Orlando Magic, which came due to great performance of Miami in 3rd quarter (16-30), they are now getting ready to host Hornets. If I praised Hornet’s defence against Bucks, Miami deserves a medal as they only let Magic shoot 38.6% from the field, which without the doubt gave them a win at the end. If they can continue in that style, there is no doubt the number of wins will stack up. As for Heat’s shooting, they shot a solid 48.5%. Whiteside (18points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocks), Dragic (16 points, 6 assists), Tyler Johnson (15 points 8 rebounds) and Winslow (15 points, 8 rebounds) were the key players that contributed to Heat win. Miami also had great support from the bench; James Johnson (11 points) and Reed (10 points). To see rest of this preview, please visit