Benching Zach Randolph will make Memphis Better

A couple days ago on October 5th Alexis Morgan of Grind City Media, a new media outlet started by the Grizzlies, tweeted out that Coach Fizdale informed Zach Randolph that he would be coming off the bench.

The news came as a shock to most people, but this decision really makes Memphis exponentially better on the court. For the last few years it has been a cluster in the paint with both Marc Gasol and Zach wanting to be in the post. While both of them have the ability to step out and shoot outside of the paint, they make a living down low. Moving Randolph to the bench allows Marc to man the paint both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It also lets Zach Randolph do what he wants with the second unit.

Putting Zach with the second unit gives Coach Fiz a dominant scoring threat. Although Zach is much older, he is still as strong and physical as he has ever been. It also opens up the floor for both the starting and second units. Adding an athletic stretch 4 in the starting lineup, Jamychal Green or Jarell Martin, gives the Grizzlies a better chance of keeping the paint open and makes it easier for Mike and Marc to run a more efficient pick-and-roll. For the second unit, it allows Wade Baldwin and others to feed Zach Randolph in the post but also open up shots for them to knock down when the opponent wants to double team him. 

Randolph has been upbeat about the whole thing and is ready to do whatever it takes to help this team win. With the Grizzlies moving Randolph to the bench, it will open the door for them to begin to speed things up on offense while having a significant scorer off the bench. If becoming the 6th Man of the Year is on Zach Randolph's mind then there will nobody that can or will stop him from going after it. Coach Fizdale seems to have the Grizs players completely bought in to what he wants to do and accomplish. With this move the Grizzlies just got a lot better. Look out Western Conference!