Do Browns have what it takes to go 0-16?

Seven weeks into the season and the Cleveland Browns are the only team remaining without a win.  They have been flat out awful the entire year.  Their season hopes came crashing down when Robert Griffen went down for the year, as well as their backup.  This has led them to bring in SIX different quarterbacks to attempt a pass.  Even though it is not even half way through the season, the Browns hopes of getting at least one win are slim.  Here is their remaining schedule for the year.

Week 8: New York Jets.  This may be one of their three opportunities to get a win.  The Jets have struggled all year and do not look primed to get much better.  Now that Geno Smith is out for the year, they have turned to Fitz Magic once again.  In order to win against the Jets, they will need to put pressure on their QB, and put together touchdown drives.  I do not see them playing well enough to come out on top.

Week 9: Dallas Cowboys.  America's team is arguably their toughest opponent remaining on the schedule.  Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are playing fantastic football.  It is hard to believe both rookies will have bad games against the weak Browns.  Another tally in the loss column.

Week 10: Baltimore Ravens.  Earlier this year, they almost came away with a win when these teams matched up.  Sadly ,they fell apart and were unable to finish strong.  The Ravens are the second team that I believe the Browns can compete with.  Joe Flacco has such inconsistent games that they might just get lucky.  If he does have a bad game, they have a chance.  If not, they fall to 0-10.

Week 11: Pittsburg Steelers.  Most people will immediately say a loss.  Keep in mind, Big Ben could potentially still be on the sidelines for this game.  If that is the case, this may be a much closer game than people think.  No QB is able to come in and command the offense like Big Ben.  If their backup struggles, the Browns may just come away with a win.

Week 12: New York Giants.  Eli Manning and O'Dell Beckham are just licking their chops for this game.  It will be late enough in the season that the Giants will be fighting for a playoff spot.  This will be a must win game for them.  It is hard to see the Browns coming out with the same amount of passion.  Most likely another loss.

Week 14: Cincinatti Bengals.  Coming off a bye, the Browns will be hungry for a win.  If they have any chance of doing so they will need to triple cover AJ Green.  Also Tyler Eifert will most likely be back to full force.  Not to mention their double headed running attack.  The Browns do not have enough playmakers on defense to stop this offense.

Week 15: Buffalo Bills.  Right now, Rex Ryan has his Bills in position to potentially be in the playoffs.  If they continue their pace this will be a must win for them.  Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy are a dynamic duo that lead this explosive offense.  The Browns only chance is to put enough pressure on their QB.  If they cannot do that then it will result in another loss.

Week 16: San Diego Chargers.  Philip Rivers is looking to secure his legacy as an elite QB.  So far in his career he has not had much success in getting to the playoffs.  At this point, they will likely be a .500 team, with a slight chance to get the last wild card spot.  Either way, Rivers loves to win as many games as possible and will look to have a great day against the weak Browns defense.

Week 17: Pittsburg Steelers.  If Big Ben is back, this game will not even be close.  If he is still out for some reason then I expect the same result as the first game. 

After looking at the remaining games for the Browns, there is really only a few games that they have a shot at winning.  It has already been a miserable year to be a fan of their franchise.  I wish them the best of luck.