What I am Thankful For From The World Of Sports

By BlineSports
Nov. 30, 2016

  The Holiday season is officially upon us and now we start the process of remembering things we are most thankful for.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I feel we need the distraction of sports to make it through the challenges that we face in the world.  I have several things that I’m thankful for from the world of sports. Things that gave me joy, sadness, confusion (trying to figuring out “what was the organization thinking about, and I’m not talking about the Jets), so below is a full explanation of what I’m thankful for from the world of sports!!! Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree.

I am thankful for: Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not being a NFL bust and continuing to become a franchise quarterback

I am thankful for:  The New York Jets holding their ground and signing Ryan Fitzpatrick to a multiyear contract. The best move the franchise made this season.

I am thankful for: The Chicago Cubs “Finally” winning a World Series championship so people can stop feeling sorry for the “loveable losers”

I am thankful for: The Cleveland Cavaliers winning a NBA championship and forcing the “LeBron Haters” to finally stop denying his greatness.

I am thankful for: Kevin Durant making the NBA offseason worth talking about and taking the easy route to a NBA championship

I am thankful for: Russell Westbrook keeping basketball relevant in Oklahoma and protesting Durant’s departure with his wardrobe.

I am thankful for: Michael Jordan a joining in on taking shots at Kevin Durant

I am thankful for:  Derrick Rose letting us know the Knicks are a super team also, in the D League

I am thankful for:  University of Texas after making history in hiring Charlie Strong then abandoning him after one recruiting class once again showing that African American coaches in football are judged based on the color their skin and not their talent.

I am thankful for:  The College Football Playoff system being no different than the college football coach’s poll

I am thankful for:  Conor Mcgregor bringing more attention to UFC

I am thankful for: Kris Jenkins, Villanova Wildcats making March Madness live up to the hype and bringing the Big East back to the big time

I am thankful for: Floyd Mayweather entertaining the idea of a Mayweather/Pacquiao part 2 and then all of us complaining about how bad of a fight it was

I am thankful for: The Dallas Cowboys possibly fooling everyone into believing Jerry Jones does know what he is doing as owner and GM.

I am thankful for: James Harden being an offensive juggernaut and forgetting about defense

I am thankful for: Tristian Thompson getting the memo that the Kardashians will ruin your NBA pro career

I am thankful for: Phil Jackson showing why Lebron James did the right thing and not signing with the Knicks

I am thankful for:  Joel Embiid showing that Sam Hinkie just might’ve known what he was doing in helping the Sixers set a record for lottery picks on one team

I am thankful for:  Adam Silver & Michele Roberts finding a way to maintain labor peace in the NBA

I am thankful for: The San Antonio Spurs showing that 20 plus years of winning was not just tied to Tim Duncan.

I am thankful for:  The New York Mets for picking up the slack these past two seasons representing New York City baseball well

I am thankful for:  The Yankees doing something the Knicks would NEVER do, rebuild

I am thankful for: DeAngelo Russell getting a second chance and probably being stuck with rookie duties again this season

I am thankful for: The Lakers showing how much Kobe Bryant held the team back

I am thankful for: The Oakland Raiders becoming relevant this season, just in time for me to look forward to the Las Vegas Raiders hosting a super bowl in the near future

I am thankful for: Ray Lewis listening to whoever told him to apologize for taking a shot at Joe Flacco.

I am thankful for: Colin Kaepernick taking a stand by kneeling!!! Enough said

I am thankful for:  The Cleveland Indians riding the wave of success the Cavs, maybe the Browns should bring back Johnny Manziel (Just kidding)

I am thankful for:   Rex Ryan showing the Jets that they made a mistake letting him go

I am thankful for:  The Bottom Line Sports Show