Six Tips For Designing Custom Shirts For An Informal Sports Event

By Ryan Holman
Nov. 20, 2019

Any event related to sports and similar profession can be considered to be an essential aspect for all the athletes. It is easier for a graphic designer to create unique designs on their own. However, for everyday people like us, we might find it challenging to portray the appropriate textures and patterns we need.

T-shirts should be appealing when it comes to their utilisation for any specific event. Especially vital for the sportspeople to keep the design in mind while dealing with custom t-shirts Australia. At such a time we can get an idea from an article like this well equipped with several tips and tricks especially event for non-designers.


If we have no idea what exactly to design on the shirt, we can go over the internet and explore other shirts design for sports purposes. We can also explore the collection of t-shirts available on applications like Instagram and Facebook. However, exploring doesn't just mean to find a way of seeing through many examples. We also have to focus more on enlarging our focus on creativity to design the shirt correctly. After we have successfully researched the standards, we can try to draw and imagine what the jersey would look like after customisation.

Taking care of the details

Details are more important for making sure that the shirt looks excellent and attractive for the event. However, it depends on the drawing ability of an individual. If we cannot put anything according to our wish through drawing, we can always hire a professional to do the job. We don't have to just put there anything randomly on the design that can create trouble for the entire team in the event.

The sports market

One of the most important things we can do is consider the market of sports before sending the design to the company. The targeted individuals should be regarded as carefully. The present t-shirt is to be customised. We cannot just create a vintage design for youth in sports. Similarly cannot only focus on giving girlish pattern to the guys.

The right combination of colours

We must use a perfect blend of colours while designing a t-shirt. We can use Adobe illustrator application by turning on the global colours option. We can also choose the colour combination using the examples and sports team logo. We can also make it based on the particular event we are supposed to attain.

Show a friend

After completing the finalised design, we can approach any friend or guide to go through the aspect and give us the truthful review. Even if we can't find a professional, we can always use the online platform and friends to get as a finalised design. We have to make sure that the result of our efforts can create a unique t-shirt for the event.

Finding a better company

We have to find a company that can ensure to create unique t-shirts for the team based on the designs we have and us is the last step. We should carefully go through the list of companies striving to fulfil our wishes to the customised t-shirt with a unique design. After finalising the company, we can send the sample pattern and approve it with the designers of the firm. We have to ensure to focus on the wishes of the team members before making any decision.


We can find high-quality Teamwear Australia at Custom Varsity Apparel and design our shirt. We don't have to depend on any company in the shirt or other clothing for an event. Even if the event is a small party or gathering between the athletes belonging to the same country, we can make sure to include unique colour and patterns according to our wishes.