Russell Westbrook robotic season

By RealMarlow
Feb. 16, 2017

Russell Westbrook is a man with many phrases, not human, robotic, crazy athletic. As we all talk about the stats, and how historic they are. They are and I'm not denying that at all, but Westbrook has evolved more. As I watch him, his overall game has changed. Russ was a player who depended on his athletic talent, he had about two moves, a streaky jump shot, and uncontrolled athleticism. In 2011 when Derrick Rose had his MVP season he was athletic as hell, but he was able to control it though. In 2014-2015 Kevin Durant suffered a broken foot, and only played in 27 games. That allowed Russ to take full control, and although they missed out on the playoffs, Russ's game developed. He slowed down, passed, and he posted up. Most off all he developed a killer mid-range jump shot. Last year in the Western Finals Westbrook posted up on smaller Steph Curry,and he had his way, what changed is when Klay Thompson was forced to guard Westbrook, Thompson being bigger and stronger was able to win in the battles down low, and that forced Westbrook to shoot, which pissed KD off and you seen the end result. Endless Westbrook season is even more remarkable, because this man has come far.