It's finally time to move on from Jay Cutler

By vjvemu
Nov. 17, 2016

Sunday afternoon was the perfect example of a Chicago Bears team under head coach John Fox. A team that was unprepared and got deservedly blown out by an inferior opponent. Fox also made questionable decisions like limiting the carries of running back Jordan Howard, who is clearly the Bears best running back but didn't get enough carries in the second half. This isn't the first time that Fox has gone into a game with zero preparation. 

But Fox and the coaching staff was only half the blame on Sunday. The other half of the blame should go to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. After playing a fabulous game in his return against the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, Cutler absolutely laid an egg against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cutler was responsible for three turnovers (2 interceptions and 1 fumble), including one return for a touchdown by former Bear safety Chris Conte. He only passed 182 yards and had a quarterback rating of 55.1, his lowest of the four games he has played this season. The one touchdown he threw was due to a hail mary at the end of the first half that was tipped and caught by Cameron Meredith. Other than that, Cutler was downright horrendous for the Bears. This game perfectly described the Jay Cutler experience that Chicago has endured. He will always be the quarterback walking the line of potential greatness and borderline disaster. That's how it will always be. 

There are games where Cutler looks amazing. Zinging passes into receivers, showing his underrated mobility, and looking like a guy who could lead a team to the playoffs. But there are also times where he looks like a turnover machine. Trusting his arm way too much and holding onto the ball for way too long, risking unnecessary turnovers which kill Bear drives. 

After seven years under center for the Bears, Jay Cutler will never change. Anyone who thinks he will by now really needs to rethink their stance on this situation. Cutler won't change and he will always be the dynamic quarterback that makes you shake your head in amazement and disbelief at the same time. It's time to let him go. It's time for the Bears to go to a younger quarterback and start fresh. They have rebuilt it at every other position so why not quarterback?