Why Bama will STILL be the best team in CFB

By bhart1998
Jan. 07, 2017

       When you think about college football you think Alabama. The Crimson Tide are/ have been the most dominant team that college football has seen since the beginning of the BCS era in 1998. They have became better over the years with the help of their brilliant coah, Nick Saban. Since Nick Saban became the Tide's head coach in 2007 Alabama is the only team to make it to CFB playoff 3 times and have won at least 10 games since 2008. 

Nick Saban has won 3 national Championships since coming to Alabama in 2007

  Last year on January 11th, 2016 #2 Alabama meet #1 Clemson in the 2016 CFB Championship Game. The game resulted in a shoot-out 45-40 Victory for the Alabama Chrimson Tide. Last year Deshaun Watson tore up the Tide defense going 30-47, 405 yards, 4 touchdowns, and only 1 interception in the air. Not to mention leading his team in rushing with 73 yards on 20 carries on the ground. As good as Alabama's defense was last year Watson put up a fantastic performance. The Crimson Tide and Derrick Hernry showed an even more impresive preformance outlasting Watson.  As much as a perfectionist Saban is I would bet he fixed the defensive flaws that showed in last years matchup.

Derrick Henry proved all his critics wrong in last year's Championship game.

              Alabama's denfese is the best team in college football at turning turnovers into points, which should last week in their win against #4 Washingotn. Alabama's defense is lead by a strong front 7 lead by Jonothan Allen and a rock solid linebacking squad starting with Reuben Foster. This year Deshaun Watson has thrown 17ints (which with Alabama's outstanding secondary I think the trend will continue), which is something Alabama will turn into points.

Deshaun Watson led his team throughn a dominant seaason in 2015-16.

       At the begining of the season Tide running back was the clear shot starter. Over the course of the season backup Damien Harris took over the job and lead the team in yards. But over the last few weeks Bo Scarbough has turned into the same running back he all thought him to be. Last went vs Washington Bo rushed for a whopping 180 yards in the Peach Bowl. Clemson allows a whopping 4.8 yards per carry on first downs runs, which the Alabama ground game shouldn't have any problem doing the same. Although last week this same defense head Ohio State to only 88 rushing yards. 

Bo Scarbrough is an absolute phhysical beast standing at 6 ft 2 in. 228 lbs.

             Jalen Hurts and the Tide's passing game seemed to be lacking their usual firepower, 57 passing yards, last week against Washington. The true freshman quarterback had a very impressive season throwing for 2,592 yards and 22 scores and only tossed nine picks on 337 attempts.  I'd say Nick Saban has had more than enought time to correct those problems since last time out. Hurts also has been great with in ground game rushing for 891 yards, which was a great assest for the Tide this season. Nick Saban and his offense are due for another supurb showing next week against Clemson's defense. 

The true freshman has lead an undefeated Tide team to the championship game.