My First Blog

By Brady Hochman
Jan. 03, 2020

Today I'm writing my first blog and it's going to be about my Philadelphia Eagles. We got Russell Wilson coming into the Linc on Sunday and honestly I don't know what to expect. It's been an up and down season the whole way but, now they're playing their best football. This game is going to be big for Carson especially since this is his first playoff game even though the past four weeks have been do or die games. To see him mature the past couple weeks as a not only a Quarterback but a leader has been exceptional to watch. It's also been great to watch guys like Greg Ward and Boston Scott step up, also Dallas Goedert is going to have a big role to play especially with Ertz out. Last week the defense came to play as well with the d-line getting pressure on Daniel Jones and forcing the strip sack to basically ice the game. Fletcher Cox and Malcolm Jenkins have been great the past couple weeks and hopefully they can get to Wilson this Sunday to give Wentz and the rest of the offense a chance to bring it up in front of the fans at the Linc. Two weeks ago I was there for the Cowboys game and the atmosphere was unlike any other sporting event I've ever been too and the crowd 100 percent made an impact on that game hopefully we can do the same this Sunday.

Go Birds!