F1 Gaming(About Formula 1)

By dsewfs bryn
Mar. 21, 2020

Wanna know what and how to bet on formula 1? must read and learn.

Seen by many as the absolute greatest of all motor sports and with cars reaching speeds of up to 220mph, it’s no wonder why this a truly thrilling sport to watch and bet on.

Then there’s the glamour of the sport – with tracks in luxurious locations world-wide such as Monte-Carlo and Monza, plus all that champagne and not so bad-looking drivers, it’s clear why this is such a popular sport.

You should see around 20 cars at the start of each F1 Grand Prix race, usually split between 10 teams with two cars designated to each team.

Each season should see around 21 Grands Prix but this can vary. Every F1 race must be over 189.5 miles long and due to the fact that every track is different, the amount of laps a driver must complete also changes. The F1 season runs from March to November and is a truly global sport with tracks situated all over the world.

The driver’s finishing position determines how many points they receive and this adds up throughout the season until one lucky driver is crowned the F1 Drivers’ Champion. Not only are drivers awarded points, points are also awarded to teams so there’s also a Constructors’ Championship for the taking.

With F1 betting, there are a huge number of factors that can affect a race’s outcome with each track providing unique challenges to both car and driver. Monaco or Shanghai, with all their twists and turns put a lot of strain on the gearbox, enduring thousands of gear shifts throughout these races. Bahrain and Monza – both custom-made tracks, for example, challenge the vehicle’s speed and power with other tracks placing emphasis on drivability and aerodynamics. The importance of the race car is hugely significant and should never be understated when betting on F1.

How to bet on formula 1?

One of the most popular most sports to bet on is Formula 1, also known as F1. Thousands of players bet on their favourite drivers in each Grand Prix.

At Unibet, we strive to give you the most entertaining experience while betting on F1, providing you with a wide variety of appealing ways to bet. In the past, it was only possible to bet on the winner of F1, luckily things have changed and now there are multiple ways to enjoy a bet on F1, with hundreds of markets to bet on during the season and also in-play.

F1 brings massive challenges to teams competing in races and even the slightest pitstop error or minimal change to the car can lower a driver’s chance of winning.

You don’t have to be a revhead or speed freak to enjoy the world of F1 betting. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to have a better understanding of F1, and of course, how to bet on this spectacular sport.

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