Jameis Winston is not as far along as other young quarterbacks

By Josh Taylor
Nov. 01, 2016

photo from the mercury news

 Jameis Winston has struggled since being selected first overall by the Bucs in 2015. He has his strengths. His ability to read defenses resembles that of a 30 year old. But that strength has gone largely unnoticed next to his tendency to turn the ball over. To be fair, he has only one turnover in his last three games, but the only thing more maddening than a costly interception is when your quarterback routinely overthrows his targets. 

Yes, the most damning stat of Jameis' this season is his 58.7 completion percentage. Not good. How many receivers have we seen Jameis miss high? How many times has Jameis overthrown wide receiver Mike Evans in stride? 

 The cause for this appears to be mechanical. I'm no quarterbacking expert but how many times have we heard criticism of Jameis' long, awkward wind up of a release? Well, he has come along nicely to shorten his throwing motion, in turn giving opposing pass rushers less time to sack him. But I cpuld infer that having Jameis alter his throwing motion has reduced the amount of control that he has on his passes, resulting in missing open targets. 

 There could be other mechanical issues affecting Jameis' accuracy, but Jameis is only 22. He is still young. He has time. Everything could work out, right? Well, maybe. But what's so disturbing about Jameis' issues are that other young quarterbacks such as Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota are excelling. They don't have these Same mechanical problems that Jameis has and to be honest, Jameis is not nearly ready tp compete compared to those other three. He is behind them. The other guys don't have mechanical issues causing them to miss open recievers. And they don't suffer from clumsy turnovers either. 

 If you had a team and had to choose one of the four above mentioned quarterbacks to build your team around, be honest. You would choose Jameis last. I know I would. The guy is not ready to lead the Bucs, and the Bucs are not good enough to bail Jameis out when he plays like garbage. Don't believe me? Pro football reference is your best friend. 

Now, I'm not saying Jameis is a bust or even close. All i'm saying is that Jameis is not a good quarterback at this mpment. And the problem being that other young quarterbacks, young quarterbacks chosen AFTER Jameis, are leaps and bounds ahead of Jameis. Jameis is not ready, while Wentz, Dak and Mariota are competing.