Andrew Colletti Profile

By Anthony Carbonaro
Dec. 31, 2015

Mound work

Andrew Collete puts countless hours into Mid Island Babe Ruth baseball field and completely separates itself then any other field on Staten Island. Andrew is a 27 yr old male who lives in New Springville. His parents Lisa Collete and Anthony Collete are the vice president and president of the league which Andrew volunteers for at Mid Island Babe Ruth. Andrew is the main field crew director and he makes sure the field is the best on Staten Island and the whole New York City. He been volunteering doing the field for about 7 years and he works on field every day and cares so much about how the field looks so the players of all ages can enjoy what they pay for.

One example of his volunteer work is when Yogi Berra died, he put the Yogi Yankee number with pinstripes to appreciate the late great Yogi. The symbol for Yogi was even retweeted on Twitter by Michael Kay, a baseball announcer for the New York Yankees. For the month of October, Andrew has big plans for breast cancer awareness month. I asked Andrew, “You are making no money so why put countless hours into the field”, he responded, “I really don’t look at it like that, my parents run the league but I love working on the field. I make the field the best I can because I really care about the ball players in the league and I want them to have the most fun they can playing the game they love”.

The baseball community is really lucky to have him. In other baseball communities on the island they do not keep the field nice every day for the baseball games, from personal experience. I also asked Andrew if he would like to do this for a living and he responded, “I love doing the field everyday and I love seeing the parents happy about their sons playing baseball on a great field but Im going into the police academy in January, hopefully I am still around when the season starts again next year”. After the question I asked, I saw his emotion on his face and it shown that he really loves fixing and working on that field every day. Love and passion is something more people need in their community and Andrew Collete is a good example of that.