HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll Reveals Stark Political Divides on Protesting National Anthem

By JonathanMcCorkell
Sep. 28, 2016

A poll of 1,298 American adults by the Marist College Center for Sports Communication and HBO Real Sports has reinforced what many people probably already know- there is a pronounced divide on the issue of protesting the National Anthem. 

While there are certainly notable divides in the survey along racial and age lines, easily the largest divides occur by political affiliation.

When asked, "Do you think professional sports leagues, such as the NFL, should require their athletes to stand for the national anthem or not," republican respondents replied yes 71 percent of the time, compared to democrats, who said yes at only 36 percent. 

When asked, "In general, if a professional athlete or team protests an issue by not standing for the national anthem, do you think that protest: Is disrespectful to the freedoms the anthem represents," Republicans 77 percent, Democrats 24 percent. 

When responding to that question with the answer, "Demonstrates the freedoms the anthem represents," Republicans 21 percent, Democrats 72 percent. 

Should athletes be involved in politics or social causes? Republicans 41 percent, Democrat 66 percent. 

The one thing most respondents agreed on was that only eight percent said it would be okay to drop the National Anthem from sporting events outright. 

Click below to read the entire survey: 

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