On This Day (1972) A's Bert Campaneris hurled Bat at Tigers pitcher During ALCS Game 2 (Video)

By JonathanMcCorkell
Oct. 08, 2016

One of the most memorable moments in MLB playoff history occurred on October 8, 1972 in game two of the American League Championship Series between the Oakland A's and the Detroit Tigers. 

In the seventh inning, A's shortstop Bert Campaneris, who was normally a mellow player, erupted in rage after Tigers pitcher Lerrin LaGrow hit him in the ankle with his first pitch. It is believed LaGrow threw at Campaneris because had three hits, two runs scored and two stolen bases in the game. In any event, after being struck, Campaneris staggered for a moment, glared at LaGrow and then hurled his bat toward him. The bat spiraled at LaGrow five feet off the ground, but LaGrow ducked, and the bat narrowly missed him. A bench-clearing brawl ensued, and Tigers manager Billy Martin, who many A's feel ordered the pitch, had to be restrained by umpires and teammates to prevent him from going after Campaneris. 

Both LaGrow and Campaneris were suspended for the rest of the ALCS. Campaneris was fined and was also suspended for the first seven games of the next season, but was permitted to play in the A's World Series win over the Cincinnati Reds.