Surprising List of LA Rams' Top Ten all-time season leaders in yards-per-carry

By JonathanMcCorkell
Sep. 23, 2016

The Rams franchise has some of the greatest running backs in football history. Names like Eric Dickerson, Steven Jackson, Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis all come to mind. None of them made this list... 

To qualify for this list of top ten rushers with the highest yards per rush in a single season, ball carriers must have had at least 50 carries in the season.  

#10 Fred Gehrke (KR, HB) 1945- Gehrke designed the Los Angeles Rams logo in 1948, which was the first painted on the helmets of an NFL team  In 1945 he had 74 carries for 467 yards, a 6.3 yards-per-rush average. 

#9 Tommy WIlson (HB) 1958- Wilson had 73 carries for 475 yards, a 6.5 ypr average. He also scored nine TDs. 

#8 Ron Waller, HB (1956)- Waller played for the Rams from 1955 through 1958 and for the AFL's Los Angeles Chargers in 1960. He was the head coach of the NFL's San Diego Chargers for the final six games of the 1973 season. In 1956 he ran 83 times for 543 yards, a 6.5 ypr average.

Jewerl Thomas

#7 Jewerl Thomas, RB (1980)- A San Jose State grade from Hanford, CA, Thomas rushed 65 times for 427 yards, a 6.6 ypr average. He also scored 2 TDs. 

#6 Paul "Tank" Younger, FB (1954)- Undrafted by an NFL team, Younger signed with the Los Angeles Rams as a free agent. He earned the name Tank because as a player at Grambling he would relentlessly plow over his teammates in practice when he carried the ball. In 1954 Tank rushed 91 times for 610 yards, a 6.7 ypr average. He also scored eight TDs that year. 

Dan Towler

#5 Dan Towler, FB (1951)- The football statistics website Football Nation calls Towler "the greatest running back you don't know," and "a bright, shining star who lit up the NFL for an oh-so-brief but spectacular three-year period unlike any before or since...for a three-year period in the early 1950s," says Football Nation, "Towler was the closest thing the NFL has ever produced to an unstoppable ball carrier." In 1951 Towler rushed the ball 126 time for 854 yards, a 6.8 ypr average. 

#4 Tommy Wilson, HB (1956)- Wilson was played six years with the Rams and his most effective year, 1956, he rushed 64 times for 470 yards, a 7.3 ypr average.    

Skeets Quinlan (

#3 Skeets Quinlan, HB (1953)- A San Diego State grad from San Angelo, Texas, Quinlan was one of the first star running backs to emerge from Texas as high school football began to expand through the southern United States. In 1953 Quinlan got the hand-off 97 times for 705 yards, a 7.3 ypr average.  

Kenny Washington

#2- Kenny Washington, HB (1947)- Washington was a UCLA grad and the first African-American to sign a contract with a National Football League team in the modern (post-World War II) era. In 1947 he ran the ball 60 times for 444 yards for a 7.4 ypr average. 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

#1- Tavon Austin, WR (2015)- Yes... wide receiver Tavon Austin has the record for most yards per carry average in a single season, making his 2015 rushing campaign the best effective season-long rushing effort in Rams history. Austin had 52 carries for 434 yards at an average of 8.3 yards per rush. He also had four rushing TDs.