A Game of Inches

By CharlieVillanueva
Jun. 09, 2015

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This post may be a little cliche but definitely appropriate after the first two NBA Finals games. Whether it's basketball or just sports, it's a game of inches…a few plays here or a few plays there and it is a completely different game or series. Think about it…this series could have easily been 2-0, either way, Cavs or Warriors!

If LeBron makes the game winner in regulation, in Game 1, then maybe they are up 2-0 and also Kyrie might not have been hurt. Game 2, Draymond gets a block in Overtime and Iggy tries to save it and it goes right by Steph. If Steph gets that ball they are probably shooting free-throws to close out the game. This entire playoffs have been a series of plays that were a matter of inches. Chris Paul's game winner over Tim Duncan's outstretched hand, Monta Ellis (who was brilliant for us all season) had a chance to tie Game 3 vs. Houston at the buzzer (being down 3-0 is waaay different than 2-1 with one more game at our home), James Harden falls down in Game 2 against GSW…that would have changed the whole series. And now these two games…it's a trip when you really think about it.

Not to mention the Super Bowl…what if Seattle runs the ball and wins? We would not be talking about "Deflategate", but instead how Russell Wilson is the next Tom Brady…a 2-time Super Bowl Champion. But those are the breaks…

It is a game of inches…remember this speech from "Any Given Sunday"?

Great speech, very emotional and inspirational, but more than anything…so true.

"Life/sports/basketball is this game of inches. Sometimes the margin of error is so small. The inches 'we need' are everywhere around this. When we add up all those inches that is going to make the f***ing difference between winning and losing…living and dying."


Like the Boss Man (Mark Cuban) said…this is a great series.

Love me some NBA basketball. Game 3 should be another epic battle. Let the best team win.

Signing off...while on vacation,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie