Aliyah Cruz Villanueva

By CharlieVillanueva
Feb. 03, 2016

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to...step to, step to, step to...step to, step to...

Remember that song? Aaliyah (Try Again). She was such a talented singer. RIP.

Anyways, it's a new year, 2016, and it's been a long time's now about that time. I wanna talk about an Aliyah of my own.  I know haven't posted in long time but I am back at it. And there is only one subject matter that is fitting for this post: allow me to introduce, my newborn daughter, Aliyah (picture above). She was born on November 18, at 6 pounds and 15 ounces. She is an incredible blessing to me. I mean maaan...she's got me wrapped up around her pretty little finger. She's amazing, adorable, my aspiration defined.

This is my second kid, my first daughter, and to be honest fatherhood is the best thing in the world! I always say this, and I think my supporters and NBA fans don’t necessarily know this about me, but I am a father first. I am here, on this Earth, to raise my children to the best of my ability. And I take pride in that. Everything else comes afterwards. When I had my first boy, CJ, my life was impacted immediately. CJ is a joy in my life. And I'm thankful to experience this gratification again with my newborn.

Aliyah is beautiful. She is now resting through the night. I think she looks like me most. I cannot express enough what this has done for me…it has changed my life. Basketball is important and I am sure you, the fans, want to hear about that, but for now, I would rather share some pics of my baby girl.

I wanted to keep this short (I think the only way I can post more is if I keep it short) so enjoy the slideshow and I'll be back in touch soon.


Charlie Villanueva

PS — Real quick...I'd like to address this issue since I still get asked about it. I guess I cannot ignore this, especially with this being my first post of the year…but in response to that fight with Russell Westbrook. So I did not mean to grab him like that, I really wanted to separate him from JJ and protect my teammate. To keep it 100, I am always going to protect my teammate, regardless of who. That is my mentality and I am not apologetic about that. Nothing against Russell, I respect the league and my fellow colleagues, I will simply always have JJ’s back. It might have been a Latino thing.