Crossroads Bonus Webisode: The Conclusion [ VIDEO ]

By CharlieVillanueva
Feb. 12, 2015

So it's the All-Star break and let me tell you it is more than welcomed. We, as a team, are a little beat up, so we need some time to rest and get healthier. I really enjoyed my first half of the season with this team…I love our organization, my coaches, my teammates. It has truly been a positive experience. Tough win shorthanded last night against the Jazz…we had to fight for that one.

This halfway period of the season had me thinking of how it all started and how I got here. The video webisode series "Crossroads" that we aired here on, during my free agency period, captured the off-season journey...BUT...we never showed how the story ended. Obviously, I'm a Maverick and we all know how the story ends, but I wanted to share this BONUS webisode, which concludes my story (so click on the video below after you read this). Shouts to the team at Tivity Social for helping me put together the whole series from Day 1. I still don't know how you guys managed to do all this on Samsung smartphones.

BONUS: Webisode #9 is closing footage providing a conclusion to the 8-webisode documentary filmed style series chronicling the free agency of 9-year NBA veteran Charlie Villanueva.

Title: The Conclusion
Airing: Season End - Webisode Finale
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A few inside pieces of information I need to recap: (you may or not already know this)

1) My first workout was scheduled on the day after my 30th birthday, which if you recall in the previous webisode #8, I flew to Los Angeles the day of my birthday, direct from my birthday party at my mom's place. How crazy is that?

2) I went to L.A. to meet with Coach Doc and the Clippers. It was a really great meeting with them.

3) Believe it or not, this is crazy....but I pulled my hamstring the week before my first workout. Can you believe it? It was pretty bad actually…I was really scared and concerned that was going to jeopardize my chances of making any team. I managed to pull through somehow. Thank God. 

4)  Coach Carlisle worked me out himself the first time I met with him. That usually doesn't happen…the head coach doesn't usually work guys out. That alone had me convinced.

5) Lol...I missed my first two layups in my first workout with Coach Carlisle. Boy was I nervous ;)

6) I was a simple training camp invite with the Dallas Mavericks. I was invited to training camp for the Spurs and the Clips were interested in me, but something felt right about Dallas. So I went with my heart though, out of all the teams who had interest, the Mavs had the toughest odds to make the team. I was like a walk-on in College. No guaranteed money. No partial guarantee. I didn't take a dime until I was officially on the team. And it actually became official on January 10th, my contract became guaranteed for the season. Most people don't know that. I could have been cut at any point prior of that.

7) I lived in a hotel for over a month. I had enough of room service food. And why are the sheets in hotels always tucked in so tightly?

Okay so now I'm here with a great team with some high aspirations. We obviously have to get healthy and get better. I have to get better myself and be more consistent. I know that. I'm so blessed and happy to be here. Blessed and happy to have a little bit of a break now too. Get some quality time with my familia. I will be in NYC (my hometown) for the NBA All-Star festivities and will definitely share some of the weekend fun with you guys on my Twitter (@CVBelieve), Instagram, Facebook and this blog of course. I'll try to capture some video as well.

Halfway done but a long way to go.

Let's get it, GO MAVS!

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS—Congrats to my brother and FIRST BALLOT Hall of Famer, Dirk, for making the All-Star team. Well deserved my man.