Crossroads Webisode Week #4: Waiting Game [ VIDEO ]

By CharlieVillanueva
Jul. 29, 2014

It has been said, "Patience is a virtue." When we learn to accept what is, and embrace life in each present moment, our impatience often falls away. The fight continues and the work doesn't stop. This past week was a long week. Got the chance to go back to Detroit, Michigan, which I still call my home, behind NYC of course. Despite the circumstances, I have a lot of love for Detroit. One of the main reasons I travel back to Michigan is because of my boxing trainer Al at Shut Up & Box in Royal Oak. He has taken my performance to another level and that's worth coming back for. Also, spent some good time with my man Darrick Martin at St. John University (Queens, NY).

At this point, I feel like no part of me wants to stop grinding. I need to stay active, stay prepared. My workouts are what keeps me grounded. This waiting game can get me a little anxious, but I have no worries. God has a plan. I just need to stay ready. I hope you enjoy this week's Webisode #4 "Waiting Game."

Big shouts to my guy Gerald Brown and the rest of the crew at The Bottom Line Sports Show (Sirius XM NBA Radio Channel 217). I had a blast talking to those guys during the live radio interview.

By the way guys, this Nico & Vinz track "Am I Wrong".... that's my jam, love that song!


Charlie Villanueva
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