Crossroads Webisode Week #6: Never Forgotten [ VIDEO ]

By CharlieVillanueva
Aug. 12, 2014

So the latest and greatest webisode of "Crossroads" is now available. 

"Never Forgotten" pays homage to my UCONN days and the lifetime bonds I made. I play in a charity game my Coach, Jim Calhoun, hosts every other year at Mohegan Sun.  As most of you already know, in 2004, we took home the national championship and it is one of my greatest accomplishments, as a basketball player.  We will forever be one can ever take that away from us.  And that is a big part of where I am at in this crossroads.  I have won at every level.  I won every possible title in college:  regular season Big East Champions, the Big East tournament and the national championship.  I have, unfortunately, not even experienced the playoffs in the NBA.  That has to change.  I have to be part of that change and that is what I am striving for and is a big reason my off-season workouts have been so in-depth.  I know I have work to do. 

That being said, I am still working out my free agency status and workout schedule with my agent.  The only thing I can say for certain is that playing overseas is not even on the table (NBA teams are definitely interested), I will have to workout for a few teams (right now we have 3 committed to working me out), my agent is working to continue to get me out there (we had a nice conversation last night), and that the ultimate goal is to be on a playoff contending team.  I am certain the NBA junkies who know the ins and outs of the salary cap and who follow free agency can make some educated guesses on what teams are interested...

Someone asked me how "Crossroads" is going and honestly it has been an adventure.  I really wanted to show the fans a different side to free agency and what a vet might go through to get a job.  But more importantly this is a journey that runs past free agency.  I feel honored when I hear back from people...the good and the bad and even more honored that my peers are paying close attention (Ben Gordon told me he watches every Tuesday when we launch).  So enjoy, and keep commenting at me because I appreciate the responses...we are trying to do something ORGANIC!

#3 (at UCONN),

Charlie Villanueva
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