Family Above All

By CharlieVillanueva
May. 05, 2015

Many of you guys may not know this, since you likely don't see it, but I have a tattoo that reads "Family Above All" across my chest and I think everyone can relate to keeping close ties with their family. The bond of a family is important. Some people probably define family differently. Mi Pamilia (that is how the Filipinos say "familia" according to my fiancée)  includes my actual close family  members. I have always been a part of “The Three Amigos”….me and my two older brothers…the Robs (Rob C & Rob E).

Rob & Rob Villanueva

This past weekend, with the season over and me having some business to handle in South Florida, we all got a chance to hang out…we watched an epic Game 7 between the Clips and the Spurs, and also of course watched the much anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. We had a blast! And I am no boxing analyst, heck I am not even a basketball analyst, so I will spare you from all that, BUT all I can say is that though I was entertained, I was very underwhelmed with the so call "Fight of the Century" SMH. At least it was good to be with Mi Pamilia.

I don't know if you guys remember but I did a Google Hangout with the team at Sportsblog (see video here) and one of the questions asked to me was how deep was my entourage and who was in it (something like that). And I said, I have never been one of those guys with a huge entourage…I simply just roll with my brothers. And that is the truth. Rob E., which the "E" stands for Elia, has been by my side since I got drafted. He is the only one who lived with me in Toronto, Milwaukee and Detroit (almost for 10 years living together). We've been through quite the journey and I'm very appreciative of that.  Only now, that I have gotten engaged, raising a beautiful family, and I'm much older, he is not with me in Dallas. Rob C., which the "C" stands for Carlos, him and I grew up in the same room in Queens and honestly he is the reason I started playing ball. My mom wouldn't let him go to the park without me and I was sort of the tag along. I looked up to him, and still do...we were very competitive, I always tried my best to be better than him growing up. He taught me the ropes while growing up in the streets of Queens NYC and I don't know where I would be without that guy.

Rob Carlos & Young CV

The point being I wouldn't be where I am at without these guys. And it is obviously not only them…I am super close with Mom Dukes and my little sister, Genesis, she is my angel and we are like twins. My best friend and love Michelle is a part of team.  Even my cousins Bryant (who was a big part of the “Crossroads” reality series and is a HUGE Dirk fan) and John (aka Albert in Spanish, who lived with me my first couple years in Detroit) are all a big part of my entourage.  We have all kinds of daily family group texts going back and forth that helps me stay grounded. I stay connected to all of them and more. I have way too many special family members to mention in this post but they know who they are and what they mean to me. There is no replacement to family. Maybe it's the Dominican in me…but I sustain myself with the love of my family.

"Family Above All"… always!

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS --Who's excited about this flick coming out this June?