Gone Fishin'

By CharlieVillanueva
Jun. 16, 2015

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So tonight is Game 6 of the NBA Finals and Cleveland could be "gone fishin'" if they don't find a way to protect their home court. It has been a great series thus far…

Speaking of gone fishin' this might be my new hobby…fishing. I went on vacation with wifey and I decided to try my hand in fishing. I caught two barracudas on my first trip out. I was hyped lol! And then I had them for dinner. There is something about catching your own dinner that feels manly...arrrggg!

St Lucia Caribbean Islands

A fresh barracuda dinner.

I then took my new found joy for fishing to Florida where I decided to go out on a boat with my brothers…The Robs! It was the first time these guys were fishing (I felt like an expert around them). But we did good...altogether we caught 17 fishes. Not bad I must say for the Villanueva Brothers. We had a blast! We shared some great moments together. Only downside…I got a little sea sick. Took me out of it for a short period, but after like 15-20 minutes, I was back at it...back to normal.
Guess who caught the BIG CATCH!

It is pretty dope. Out there on the ocean, searching and trying to catch your own dinner. It was also really good to spend some time with my brothers (it has been awhile). Big shout out to Rob E. who recently celebrated his birthday. Love ya bro.

All has been good thus far this off-season. Lets see how this NBA Finals wraps up, lets see what happens in the NBA Draft (definitely stay tuned to this blog about that stuff later), and ohh boy...free agency starts July 1st. Lets see where I end up at?

A lot of stuff going on beyond the sea…

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