My Birthday and Final Webisode of Crossroads

By CharlieVillanueva
Aug. 27, 2014

B'Day Cake

So, A LOT has happened since I last posted and since the last webisode.  I turned 30 and guys....I feel amazing, truly blessed to be healthy and surrounded by family. I'm thankful. We had a nice little BBQ at mom dukes' crib in Bayside, Queens...check out the pics...

Family Pic

My Brothers

Love My Mom

Dominican Dominos

Speaking of Queens, I spent a lot of time in NYC this Summer.  I felt like I needed to go back to my roots.  Reboot, go back to where it started.  And where it started was in Queens when I was first coming up.  Nate Blue (pictured below) is one of those dudes that is engrained in the NYC basketball scene.  I can honestly say that he saw a lot in me when I was coming up and I always appreciate his feedback.  He truly knows basketball, high IQ. He mentored me as a child growing up. Got real love for Nate.

My boy and mentor Nate Blue

Also, spent some time with my Dominican hermano, Robinson Cano.  He and CC (Sabathia) had a dope charity game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  More pics!

Mi hermano Robinson Cano

Roc Nation Charity Event (Red Carpet)

Anyway, regarding the webisode, the WHOLE TEAM, decided that we wanted to end on a high, dope note so we are pushing the last webisode to tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th, like 7:30pm ET (usual airtime).  To be honest, a lot has happened.  A lot of questions have been answered (more questions are out there), I have met with teams and the process is moving along.  This whole thing:  free agency, "Crossroads", this NBA life has been one big roller coaster.  And like any good roller coaster there are highs, lows, speed ups, bumps, deep drops, but like any good roller coaster it is fun and I am anxious to get back in line.  So with this process, it has been interesting, I have learned a lot, and it is a growing, learning experience.  I really did this for the fans...wanted to do something different, shine a light on something, in the NBA, that the normal everyday fan doesn't always get to see BUT can totally relate to.  I wish I could show more but there are certain things (like the teams I am meeting with right now) that I cannot share...not yet.  Watch the show tomorrow...

And we are thinking about producing bonus webisodes, maybe a Season 2 or signing webisode, and in general posting throughout the upcoming season.  This "Crossroads" thing isn't only about free agency.  It is about the rebirth of my NBA career/legacy.  It is about life...

Now we're here...let's see where we go.

Stay tuned,

Charlie Villanueva
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Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

Charlie Villanueva
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