Homeward Bound

By CharlieVillanueva
Nov. 03, 2015

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Back HOME! Feels good...I am writing to you finally from Dallas. There is nothing like being home, sleeping in your own bed, being with my lady, being with my family. So happy to be home. This job comes with travel and trust me as a vet I understand that completely, but for those of you that don't know me…I am a homebody.

In my 11-year career, I have never started the NBA season on a 3-game road trip. It's crazy. There is a first for everything I guess. All in all, it was a pretty successful trip, 2-1. To win the season opener against a team that we will probably be competing with for a playoff spot was a good start. And for obvious reasons that game against the Clippers was intense and then we wrapped it up with a good team win against the Lakers. By the way, just in case you've been living under rock, Dirk Nowitzki can still shoot…don't EVER sleep on him. Raymond Felton continues to prove people wrong, J.J. Barea in that pick-and-roll is nearly unstoppable, Wes is coming along and he can really shoot. We have players that I must say. I am proud of my teammates. I am happy to be a part of another Dallas journey. Like I said before, we are going to surprise some people. Also, it's great to have my guy CP (Chandler Parsons) back with us, on the court, where he belongs. We got a nice little team, we are gelling early, we have a good balance and good veterans on the team. It is a good mix of guys.

For myself, I gotta play better. I had a great first half against the Suns and haven't really been consistent since then. Coach is giving me chances. I am getting plays called for me, I gotta knock down shots. Gotta rebound, defend...all of the above. I, honestly, need to be more consistent…that is the key for me personally. Gotta continue to put in that work EVERYDAY.

So I'll keep this post short and simple. I just wanted to make sure I was posting for the fans. Keeping you in the loop. More to come from me this week for sure.

Always believe,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie #nbaseasonx

PS -- I'm excited for the week...I'm putting together a special "sneak peek" screening event in Dallas for my movie, Season X, which is only being showcased to the Mavericks Season Holder fans. More on this later. For more info about the project, check out: nbaseasonx.com