Mark Cuban Strikes Again!

By CharlieVillanueva
Dec. 19, 2014

When I first signed with the Mavs I wrote that the front office made it crystal clear to me (and really to everyone) that they are about winning…the championship. Everything they have done so far since I've been here has proven that to be true. The way they treat every single player is something I have never experienced before...winning environment. And I am not at all knocking my past teams, just simply sharing the truth.

Our fearless leader, Mark Cuban, the Shark of all Sharks, he strikes again landing a true elite point guard…Rajon Rondo. The West is deep…everyone knows that. But what is also true for most top Western teams is that they ALL have elite PGs: CP3, Curry, Parker, Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Mike Conley, Dragic & Bledsoe, even Jrue Holiday was an All-Star at one point. The list goes on and on…

Rondo is a big time help and will be instrumental to this team. I've hooped with him before, guess I can say I know him a little bit. We were on the same pickup team in 2010 when I was playing for the Dominican National Team and he was working out at the University of Kentucky. What people say about his game is ABSOLUTELY true. A genuine floor general. Willing and wanting passer with eyes all around his head. Great defender with great hands. Really savvy, high IQ for the game. Winner. We ran pick-and-pops all day.

So I am happy to welcome Rajon to the team and I wish the very best to my brothers: Jameer, Jae and Brandon. They are real professionals of this league and I know they will continue to succeed in their next chapter.

All aboard on this Mavs train,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie