Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad

By CharlieVillanueva
Dec. 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all!!! I wanted to share some Christmas pictures with you guys.

Check them out…

I honestly don’t know if I am going to write before the New Year so if I don’t, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I have some resolutions that I will share with you guys, but wanted to reflect on how so much can happen in a year. Think about it…a year ago I was in Detroit…in the cold…literally and figuratively. Now, I'm living in The Lone Star State out in Dallas, on a championship aspiring team with great ownership, management, coaching and teammates. I just love it here.

Anyway, some New Year’s Resolutions…

Play better: Everyone can get better at their job. Whether you are a mailman or a scientist or me. I need to get better. I know what my strengths and believe it or not I understand my weaknesses. Point blank, I need to play better defense, get my assignments right, rebound the hell out of the ball and knock everything I can down. And that is my job on this team…buy some time for Dirk and make baskets…instant offense. And I can get better at that as well…get better at even the things I do well. This is my craft and despite some people’s perception I take this very, very seriously (more on perception below). I said in Webisode 8 of “Crossroads” that I don’t know why people think I don’t take basketball seriously…but I DO! My goal for 2015 is to get better…every single day.

Write and read more: The NBA lifestyle, traveling, having some free time is conducive to writing and reading and watching movies. And yeah, back in the day, when I was young I went out to hang out with the fellas. I don’t really do that anymore. I don’t care for that. On the road, I keep it simple, I love just getting dinner with the guys and sometimes, honestly, by myself. I am really enjoying the writing process. So I plan on doing some more writing and reading more books. My friend says he has a few books for me (maybe he will give it to me for Christmas lol *wink-wink). By the way, you heard it first here, but I have plans of writing a book in the near future…stay tuned for that!

Stay healthy, better habits: This goes with getting better everyday at my job/basketball, but I have taken my health and fitness seriously. I worked hard on my body and conditioning this Summer and I saw a nutritionist for the first time in my life. I swim, I do boxing, and I've been doing much better on what I eat now. People don’t know this about me but I hate vegetables (it is obviously a mental thing) and I love salt. I have been working hard on changing my diet.

Putting my phone down: I saw a dope video about how we, as a society, think we are connected because of our smart phones and social media. I often find myself staring at my phone at dinner, texting, looking at Instagram, etc. I want to stop or slow that down. I want to be in the moment and really be connected with my people.

Win the championship: This is not really a resolution since I cannot simply make a firm decision to win the championship…a lot of hard work, teamwork and some other things has to happen, but I am going to put it in here anyway. That is what this team is built for, it is why we went after Rondo, it is why every game matters, it is why I wanted to try out for this team (I literally had to try out), and why I am going to work my ass off to get better for this team.

And before I sign off, I want to talk about the media and perception. Part of why I launched “Crossroads” and continue to blog is because I want to control my message. Sometimes I feel like the perception that is created by the media isn’t always accurate. And I like the media for the most part. My boy who works in sports/basketball public relations told me that he thinks I am good with the media and that someday I should think about being a consultant for athletes…helping them deal with the media. That is maybe an idea for a later date. Like I said, I generally enjoy dealing with the media, but sometimes they get the story wrong. The saying is “perception is reality”. I say “YOUR perception is YOUR reality”. What if YOUR perception is inaccurate? It probably means you are living in a false reality (how deep is that?). For example, I got knocked for being a guy who doesn’t take basketball seriously and who sulks. Ask any one of my teammates, coaches or anyone around basketball....I have, always, been a professional and great locker room guy. Coach Carlisle had to meet me first before he would sign off on me to be a part of this team. And guess what? We've developed a fantastic relationship. The perception of me was FALSE. So that’s part of why I write my own message now. Allow the truth to be told.

Where I am going with this is Josh Smith. He is my boy & my brother. I had the pleasure to be teammates with him. I am telling you firsthand that the guy can play, does everything for the team, is a good teammate and legitimately only cares about winning. I saw that…I was in the locker room. I am not saying this to protect Josh, he is a big boy, but that’s the truth. The guy is a good basketball player who for whatever reason gets a bad rap. He is one of the better two-way players in the League and I hope he gets revitalized in Houston…except when he plays us…lol. I wanted to get that off my chest because I think we can create our own message, our own perception, which in turn leads to our own reality.

The West just got deeper with Rondo and J-Smoove. It is going to be a dogfight come April, May, June. I really gotta take my resolutions seriously!

Anyway, this was super long post lol…that wasn’t my original intent, but sometimes when I write, I let loose.

Feliz navidad, próspero año y felicidad. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year. Please be safe.


Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS—Lots of basketball on TV. I know what I'll be doing…