My Homeland (Part 1)

By CharlieVillanueva
Aug. 29, 2015

Que pasa mi amigos! Que tal? So I recently got back from my homeland, the Dominican Republic, and wow it was an amazing trip. I was out there for the NBA's "Basketball Without Borders" program, plus I also dedicated some time to renovate a court in my mother's hometown of Cabrera. The whole trip definitely hit "home" for me and I am planning on doing more out there for my people. Till this day, some people, stupidly, say I don't claim to be Dominican…YO SOY DOMINICANO! And this was a great trip.

The first part of my trip was to head to Cabrera, where my mother is from, to refurbish a court. In Cabrera, I worked with the NBA to run a 1-day clinic for the kids in the area. Without my people from the NBA -- such as Auggie, AD, and Chris Clunie -- it could not have happened. Big shout out to the NBA for that...the NBA really does care! Oh yeah lol…and big shout out to the ostrich (you will see what I mean in the photo album below), first time I've ever seen an ostrich in person. Anyway, the goal was to give back to the community and give the kids more opportunity to play the game of basketball. The NBA was kind enough to donate official NBA baskets and Spalding basketballs . What else do kids need but baskets and basketballs to play the game that I love? And my job was encouragement…that is what I was there for. It was such a special moment not only for myself but my family. My mother told me she and the people of Cabrera will NEVER forget this moment. No one has ever contributed to the town like this. I was truly touched. I felt like I was giving back to my people in more ways than one. Just being there...being able to interact with the was special. "Yo soy hijo de Cabrera" (I am a son of Cabrera)! Big shout out to cousin Weilly, my mom of course and my brother Rob C. for coordinating everything. Everything worked out smooth. Trust me, this is just the beginning of something big. This video is a must see:

And above you see that the title of this post is "Homeland (Part I)"…that is because I am going to be blogging about the rest of my trip in the next post; more specifically what took place in Santo Domingo with the Basketball Without Borders program. This is a two part series..lots of good content to share with you guys. We did so much and like I said I am proud to be Dominican so I have a lot to say about this. Enjoy the pictures!

Hopefully you saw me with the ostrich lol. He is a crazy bird! As always hit me with questions and if you haven't been to the DR, I highly recommend it!!! It is a great place with some really special people. My people.

Que viva la República Dominicana,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie