NBA Finals Prediction

By CharlieVillanueva
May. 28, 2015

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentleman…children of all ages…welcome to the NBA Finals! It is time. I obviously wish I was playing with my own guys, my brothers…the boys from Dallas but I am a still basketball fan,  basketball junkie, so I don’t mind writing a little sumthin’ about these NBA Finals.

So it's a match-up between two teams with similar but contrasting styles. Golden State is playing in a whole different world with their ball movement and shooting. And people underestimate how hard it is to play at Oracle. That building is rocking, it feels like the fans are literally on top of you. The last time I was there, I had a number of fans all up in my ear. There is good reason why they rarely lose at home (only once during these playoffs) and there is good reason why Steph Curry is the League MVP. Cleveland having to overcome GSW’s homecourt advantage is going to be tough…straight up.

And Cleveland...they has arguably (I had trouble today pronouncing that word for some reason) the best player on the planet…LeBron. He makes everyone better and their additions of JR, Shumpert and Mozgov have all been good ones. They are clicking, you can see it...they are balling at the right time. Not gonna lie…they are hot right now and they have strong momentum.

So what’s my NBA Finals preview? We have a team that moves the ball well and shoots lights out vs. a team that depends on their main guy to get them going. To me, homecourt is key in this series because I do think it is going to be a fantastic series (trying to help the ratings Mr. Silver ;) and these teams are evenly matched across the board. Because of homecourt (and really the shooting…they have so many weapons) I have to go with: Golden State in 7! Yup! The Warriors, after a 40-year old drought, it's only right. 

What do you fans think? Holler at me…I am curious…

Enjoy this series,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS--Special shout and salute to all the Dominican mothers out there. This Sunday, May 31, back in my country (Dominican Republic), we celebrate Mother's Day. It's a special day. So my mom gets to enjoy Mother's Day twice in May. She well deserves it. I'm truly grateful and blessed. Love you Mom!

PPS—Shoutout to my guy Chawla, out in NYC…happy birthday old man. Enjoy your day, it's a blessing working with you amigo.