Preseason Form

By CharlieVillanueva
Oct. 09, 2014

So we had our first preseason game this past Tuesday at home and I honestly could say, I was crazy hyped. We have great fans in Dallas and it has been a long time since I have been this excited about basketball.

That being said, it was a foul fest. I think a lot of players were still in preseason form and still trying to shake the rust off. I shot the ball pretty decent but still felt like I didn’t play as well as I should. And even though it's preseason, I still wanted that win. I gotta do a better job of being in the right position defensively and on the rebounds. A couple of mishaps on my end. Just need to play smarter.

Overall, and realizing the Big German (Dirk) didn’t play, this team has really good chemistry. We still need to I said we have a lot of new players, but this is a good clique, we ALL get along so well, great vibe. That is what the preseason is all about...getting used to each other, shaking the rust off, and getting better. I know by the time the regular season kicks-off, we will be a much better team.

In the meantime, I am giving away preseason tickets so follow me on Twitter @CVBelieve and if you can answer some of my random trivia and I'll give you my tix! One last thing, I truly appreciate everyone's support and best wishes. The future is exciting. Mavs Nation!

Thank you,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie