Second Half [ VIDEO ]

By CharlieVillanueva
Feb. 24, 2015

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So FINALLY we got the video done from All-Star Weekend NYC…better late than never. Actually, I kind of timed it, with the help of my fam at Tivity Social, to launch today. Wanted to let it marinate…lol. Check it out…please feel free to comment…

So what does it mean now? Second half of the season. This is it…this is where we make our push, where we get better. And we did get better let me say by adding STAT (Amar’e Stoudemire). We were already deep, but now we got deeper. The whole West is deep and going to be a dogfight. On the real, there is no such thing as an upset in the Western Conference. So here we go…

People have been asking me how I do feel about the addition of STAT. I feel absolutely great about it. We can play together and bottom line he makes us better. It is more fire power to the bench and provide good leadership to our group (Bench Squad). The bench is what helps win championships…having a strong bench is key.

Look at San Antonio for example…Manu stepped up big, Bonner stepped up, Boris Diaw, etc. They helped win them a game, which helped them win a series. STAT adds that fire power to our bench. Even though in our last game we didn't get the opportunity play together on the floor, we'll definitely be able to play together. STAT is more pick-and-dive and I'm a pick-and-pop and a guy who spaces the floor. It is going to be a crazy second half of the season…can't wait!


Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS--And I want to give a shout out and get well blessings to my brother, Chris Bosh. It is an unfortunate situation and hopefully he has a speedy recover and there are no complications. We obviously played together when I was in Toronto, Chris is a great player and individual, I am praying for you man. God bless.