By CharlieVillanueva
Jan. 20, 2015

So again it has been awhile since I posted…my bad. This has been a busy NBA season. We got a great team, we are adjusting well to some new personnel (everyone knows about Rondo but the kid, Dwight Powell, can play…he plays hard every minute of the game). BUT we play in the West and everyone knows the West is deep. A few nights ago we started the night as the 3rd seed, we lost, and all of a sudden we the 6th seed. It is crazy.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this post light and honestly I am progressing towards wanting to write more about style. It is one of my goals…to be an authority in style. I know I got style, my girl has crazy style and I think it would be cool to show you some of the stuff I like and get your feedback. So keep an eye out on my style posts.

So I have plans on writing something about headwear soon (my brother Elias have polar opposite opinions on that) and definitely want to showcase some dope, dressed up pics of me and the wifey but for now wanna talk about socks. Yeah, socks.

Not sure what people know but I am a big sneakerhead. My whole life I have been a sneakerhead and I tend to lean towards Jordans. The new trend the last few years and something I definitely am getting into is socks. A few years ago my boy, Andre Drummond, took me to the Stance ( warehouse in Utah and we were like children in a candy store. It was dope. And now, recently, my friends at Stance and as well at Strideline ( sent me nice gift packages so as a token of my appreciation wanted to pick a few pairs and mix and match with my kicks…enjoy!

Air Jordan 9 "Motorboat Jones" with Stance socks

Air Jordan 14 Retro "White/Black" with Strideline socks

Air Jordan 11 Low "Green Snakeskin” with Stance socks

Christian Louboutin with Stance Socks

Foamposites Yeezy with Chandler Parsons Flamingo stance sock

Stance is official. I can’t lie. And honestly Strideline is new and my boy put me on to them but I have been rocking them too. It is a whole new world where your sock game gotta be tight. I am proud to say I am now a “sockhead.” Hoping to build my sock collection throughout the years and mix and match beyond sneakers. Honestly I wish the League let us wear some funky colors/styles out there…that would be dope! Maybe down the road.

Hit me back on twitter @cvbelieve or comment here on what you like best. I would even love to see some of your sock-sneaker tag me!


Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie