Solo Mission

By CharlieVillanueva
Oct. 06, 2014

Villanueva Bros. at 2005 NBA Draft (New York, NY)

So since I have been in Dallas the majority of my dinners have been by myself. I never really did that's my new thing. Being an NBA player I am constantly around people/fans/teammates/coaches/players...I am almost never alone. That plus I come from a typical big, very close knit Dominican family...I am never alone. I always have had my brothers/family around. I've been living with or have always stayed close by to my brothers since the day I got drafted (picture above with my older brothers at the NBA Draft). Things are now different, we're all apart.

BUT this alone time has given me a lot of time to think. It gives me an opportunity to truly be introspective about my life, about this thing I call “Crossroads”, about where my life and career is going. I guess you can’t truly know who you are, what you are thinking until you spend time by yourself really going through it...

So today’s dolo day was spent watching the NFL and the MLB playoffs. The Detroit-Baltimore game was unreal. Those pitchers really came to play. And I told my boy, I told him, that Nelson Cruz is crazy scary. David Price really threw one bad pitch the whole game and that dude (Cruz) CRUSHED it. What a game...

Bob's Steak & Chop House (Dallas, TX)

Even though I was cheering for Detroit, congrats to the Orioles and Royals for moving on. And congrats to the Cowboys! How ‘bout them boys! LOL.

Really enjoying these playoffs, the start of the NFL but let’s be real...I am READY for MY season to start. CAN”T WAIT! Now that I'm a little more settle in, I'll keep my blog a lot more active.

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