Spare Me From Your Banality

By CharlieVillanueva
Mar. 12, 2015

So we had a rough day at the office. The Cavs came into our house and really outplayed and to be honest outhustled us. I, individually, didn’t play well and lost my focus. As a team we didn’t have it. No excuses, we simply have to be better.

We had practice today but on my down time I was with my kids — CJ & Elisa. I took them to Medieval Times in Dallas. Amar’e gave me the idea…he told me he wants to take his kids. And, to be really honest, my older brother, Rob Carlos went to Medieval Times in NJ when he was in 4th grade and I was HOT he ended up going and not me. I really, really wanted to go to that trip, but it was one of his school trips and I wasn't allowed. LOL. So I thought why not take the kids and I can be the big kid.

So here are some pics from the family outing…check out the slideshow (below).

Shoutout to my guy Santiago for winning the tournament and winning the hand of Princess Catalina. LOL. It was a really good time and I love spending time with the kids and the family. I don’t get enough family time with all of the traveling I have to do for my job.

That being said, back to the office. Tomorrow practice and Friday we got a big one against the Clippers. LETS GET IT!

My lords,

Sir Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie