Status Update.... Finale Webisode

By CharlieVillanueva
Aug. 28, 2014

So, I haven't seen a first cut of Webisode 8, the finale, yet but I am told by the lab that it is very interesting.  A big reason it hasn't posted yet is because so much is changing every single day. It literally is a roller coaster.

What's interesting and crazy is the ups and downs of free agency.  My agent said to me, early in the process, is that things in the NBA can change quickly.  And I gotta tell you I see that now first hand...

To be completely honest, there is some level of anxiety and frustration on my end. Anxiety in that I'm the type of dude that likes to know what's ahead so I can plan accordingly. I know that playing in the NBA is a privilege that I'm grateful for and this free agency is what my friend likes to say is a good problem, but I am at that point where I want this process to wrap up so I can start looking for a new place to live and plan my life. I'm frustrated a little too. I never saw this playing out this way.

I guess this is good "drama" for the webisode series and again I wish I could give the details of the teams I am talking to but not quite yet. All I may be able to tell you is that three Western Conference teams that have a legit shot at the title with interest in the mix (you guys can figure it out).  What it's all about now is whether I'm the right fit for them or not?  Are they the right fit for me or not?  What happens if it isn't one of these teams?  Then what?  Like I said, more questions than answers...

You should watch the finale. It has been delayed the last two days due to patching up some moving parts. I'm not sure if the ultimate story will have an ending on Webisode #8. I guess you just going to have to tune in for tonight's final release and you be the judge.

God has a plan,

Charlie Villanueva
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