Thank You Dallas

By CharlieVillanueva
Apr. 30, 2015

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So as you all know we lost last night and we're officially out of the playoffs. It was a TOUGH game, a TOUGH series and I am not gonna front…we had opportunities. We had opportunities to win this series. It is easy to say now and it is pretty cliché, but the truth is...when it comes to sports or's a game of inches with small margins; a few bounces here and a few makes there you win the game and maybe the series.

But that is neither here nor there. It is what it is and now the season is over. We had a good season, not a great season: 50 wins, playoffs, a team that came together under different adversity. We had our moments. I want to keep this brief but at the same time I really don’t know the next time I am going to post (I want to decompress a little bit)…

So my overall opinion about the team is that we had a good mix of vets, young players and guys really going into their primes (Chandler Parsons and Aminu). We obviously have leaders and winners in Dirk and Tyson Chandler...and overall, even though I am a veteran, I learned a lot basketball-wise this year. I learned what it means to be a part of a group that truly gets along and wants to win. I have never won 40 games before let alone 50 games. And honestly for the group, and definitely for coach, 50 wasn't enough. Losing in the first round wasn't good enough. It has been a long time (and never in the League) since I have been around a bunch of guys who came in wanting and expecting to win that championship title. It was a blessing to be around that. And I don’t even know how to express my feelings towards my brothers this year…they were unbelievably welcoming. Even Rajon…it obviously was a peculiar situation and it didn't work, but he is a still a great dude and maybe a little misunderstood. In regards to the team, I truly cannot ask for anything better than this experience. The cliché is true…you can always learn something new…even a 10-year vet can learn something new. And from an organization standpoint, it is a fantastic, top-notch organization. Obviously, it starts from the top…Mark Cuban is the best owner in sports! It is easy to say that when you work for the guy and I know everyone says it, but it is the absolute truth. And big shout out to Sarah, Scooter, Kristy, Steve-O and Lesley - this behind the scenes team gets it done!

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By the way, I had my exit interview earlier today with Coach Carlisle and Donnie Nelson and it went really great I must say. I cannot discuss too much of the details, but I could say there was a lot of positive energy in the room.

Furthermore, my overall opinion of the city is also VERY positive. I LOVE Dallas! My fiancée is from here so that obviously makes it home, but even beyond that it is a dope city. Very clean, up and coming, good restaurant and night scene, and honestly everyone showed me real love. It felt like home almost immediately…

And personally….it is amazing how much can change in a year. A year ago I was leaving yet another losing season with Detroit, making vacation plans and not knowing what is going to happen and where I am going to play. And we could even do another Season of “Crossroads” (reality webisode series) this off-season, because I am not sure where I am going to play next season neither, but I probably won’t. This off-season I'm going to continue to work hard and leave it in God's hands. I think I had a pretty good season, not a great one. Donnie and Coach said I exceeded their expectations. I did what they asked me, that I am a specialist, and there is definitely a need and a desire for me in this League and specifically with this team. BUT I don’t feel like I did enough, I wanted to contribute more to help us with more victories. And even at 30 years old, I am definitely going to look to get better this off-season. I know there is more out there…more than 1 playoff win. I know that I can be an even bigger contributor. And I honestly want to come back to the Mavs…it was a unique and unforgettable experience. But I am going to let this season marinate and let the chips fall wherever they fall. Picking the team is not really my jurisdiction…I will let management and my agent work that out and when it comes time for me to jump in, I will.

Okay, I gotta run so wanted to give a big shout out to my brothers (the Robs), the team at Tivity Social, my guy Burton Chawla, my lovely fiancée Michelle, and everyone who always has my back. It is the supporting cast of characters (and trust me they are characters) that don’t get enough credit for always keeping me grounded and allow me to be successful on and off the court. Cheers to you.

I'm forever grateful Dallas, thank you.

Charlie Villanueva #believeindallas #believeincharlie