The Debate: LeBron vs. Chef Curry

By CharlieVillanueva
Jun. 05, 2015

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So now that I am officially a Sports/NBA Blogger, I thought I should cover what else, but the NBA Finals, which starts tonight. I know I already gave you my prediction (Golden State in 7), but wanted to set the stage…LeBron (4-time MVP) vs. Steph Curry (the current MVP). Some may think there is an obvious answer here, but it is in fact debatable. 

First and foremost, basketball is a team sport. No doubt. But this series has an interesting match-up of two guys that are playing at an absolute high level.

LeBron is a Swiss army knife. Literally can do every and anything. His combination of size, speed and skill set (people underestimate how skilled he is) makes him a nightmare to guard (trust me, I know first hand…I came up with LeBron in High School). He makes his guys better and has proven that he is a winner. Five straight Finals is no joke. And since it's Throwback Thursday #TBT, I'm going to entertain you with some highlights from the 2003 McDonald's All-American Game (see if catch my poster dunk ;).

Steph is one of the best shooters of All-Time and reminds me of my childhood hero, Reggie Miller (I grew up in NYC rooting against my brother's beloved Knicks). The way he comes off screens and his release make it hard to guard. Not to mention his ball handling is unreal…making him even harder to guard.

If you asked me to choose one, and again I got Warriors winning, I would pick LeBron. He simply does SO much on both ends.

BUT like I said this is a team sport. Their supporting casts will have to play a big role in this series. Draymond could be an X favor. Even J.R. could be…you never know.

I know as a "blogger", but more importantly as a fan of the game, I am going to be watching tonight. Who you got?

Holler at me,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie