What'd you do this weekend?

By CharlieVillanueva
Mar. 16, 2015

Tyson Chandler & Charlie Villanueva after Mavericks win over L.A. Clippers 129-99.

Mi gente que pasa….

So this past Saturday was a day off for me and I think it was needed. Mentally, physically and to some extent emotionally I was drained. Good to get some time off. Saturday I spent a lot of time with the kids. Had a family brunch and then we CHILLED in the house. I am a proud father, very grateful. My kids are full of energy, positive, good-hearted kids. It is a true blessing.

Saturday night we went to the UFC Fight. My brother, cousin and my boy; even JJ came thru. It is crazy how small some of these guys are, but I would not mess with them. LOL.

Hanging with the boys JJ Barea, Big Al, Dionne Calhoun at UFC 185.

And I gotta addressed this...even though my UCONN Huskies didn't make it into the tournament, I gotta give a strong shoutout to Ryan Boatright for this ridiculous buzzer beater…

Sunday, I was back in the office at practice. We are definitely clicking at practice and coming together. The rest of our season is going to be a DOGFIGHT. Every game matters for us from a seeding standpoint, but probably more importantly to make sure that we are running on all cylinders. Michael Finley always tells us that it is the team coming into the playoffs, playing the right way and clicking that will be the most dangerous.

Also, I hit up the Festival De Los Mavs with some of my teammates. It is amazing to see, time and time again, how our fans support us. We have best fans in the world #MFFL. Check out the slideshow below (some good pics).

Okay so now it's GAMEDAY, we got a big one tonight…Russ Westbrook and OKC, so gotta get ready. Watch us tonight!

Mavs Nation,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

PS—Check me out using these BINOCULARS during the UFC fight. It is such an old invention but these babies create an amazing sight!