NFL 1st Round Mock Draft (w/ Trades)

With the NFL draft only hours away there is more certainty with who some teams will draft, but for others everything still remains up in the air. As the hours pass many questions are still unanswered, but they will all soon be answered tonight. Questions like will the Cardinals select Kyler Murray at #1? Who will trade up or down? and What will the Raiders do with three first round picks?

With the information currently available and the positional needs of each team known, this is how I believe the NFL Draft may go.

#1- Arizona Cardinals

There have been rumors for months of if the Cardinals would select Kyler Murray with their pick and it has seemed more inevitable that they would. Rumors in the past few days have shown that they are not 100% on who they will select, but I believe that these rumors are more than likely a bluff. Either the Cards will take Murray at #1 or they will trade down with a team interested in Murray and has the capital to trade such as the Raiders.

The Pick: Kyler Murray, QB - Oklahoma

#2- San Francisco 49ers

This pick is fairly simple, the 49ers should do one of two things. Either take the best player available in Nick Bosa or trade down and acquire more draft picks. I could see them taking Quinnen Williams, but as Bosa is at a position of need, I don't think they will.

The Pick: Nick Bosa, EDGE - Ohio State

#3- Washington Redskins (Trade w/ Jets)

The Jets will do one of three things at this pick, they will select either Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams, or trade down. I like this situation for them, acquire draft capital and still be able to draft someone in the mid-first round in such a deep draft.

The Pick: Dwayne Haskins, QB - Ohio State

#4- Oakland Raiders

No more trading for the raiders, just take the best player available. Josh Allen. Try to fill the hole that Khalil Mack left in your defense after trading him.

The Pick: Josh Allen, EDGE - Kentucky

#5- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been rumored to really like Devin White, as long as that rumor is true, no matter who is available, White will be the pick.

The Pick: Devin White, LB - LSU

#6- New York Giants

There are two options for the Giants with this pick, take Eli Manning’s replacement or a pass rusher. Those two players are Duke QB, Daniel Jones and Alabama DT, Quinnen Williams. I believe this is too early for Jones, hopefully the Giants see this, Williams is a huge steal here as he may well be the best player in the draft.

The Pick: Quinnen Williams, DT - Alabama

#7- Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars need big help on the offensive side of the ball, this means they pass on Williams too. It seems as if they really like Jawaan Taylor our of Florida, and I think that is a good pick to help rebuild their offense.

The Pick: Jawaan Taylor, OL - Florida

#8- Atlanta Falcons (Trade w/ Lions)

Lots of options here for the Lions, I think it’s best for them to trade down. The Falcons are the perfect trade partner and they can get who they desperately need and want.

The Pick: Ed Oliver, DT - Houston

#9- Buffalo Bills

The Bills need to protect Josh Allen, starting by selecting a top offensive lineman is the perfect way to do it. Williams is a good fit for the Bills and will help fill one of their biggest holes.

The Pick: Jonah Williams, OL - Alabama

#10- Denver Broncos

Many think that the Broncos will elect to take Drew Lock, I’ll go with something different, 10 is straight-up too high for Lock. Rashan Gary will help push this defense to the next level if he develops well.

The Pick: Rashan Gary, DL - Michigan

#11- Cincinnati Bengals

Devin White would be the perfect pick, but the Bengals would’ve had to trade up to sleet him. Next best Linebacker is available, that’s who they select to help their week defense.

The Pick: Devin Bush, LB - Michigan

#12- Baltimore Ravens (Trade w/ Packers)

Not so sure either team would realistically want to do this trade, but it’s not a bad idea. Packers already stole some of the Ravens players, so why not steal some of their picks too. Ravens try to fill the void left on defense by some key players who left during free-agency.

The Pick: Montez Sweat, EDGE - Mississippi State

#13- Miami Dolphins

Dolphins could trade down here to gain draft capital for the future. They could also look to the defensive side of the ball in such a loaded draft. Ferrell is a good replacement for Cameron Wake and should help the Dolphins for years to come.

The Pick: Clelin Ferrell, DE - Clemson

#14- Detroit Lions (Trade w/ Falcons)

Lions signed Trey Flowers from the Patriots this off-season, with Patricia as the head coach they will probably look to the defensive side of the ball. Pairing someone like Rashan Gary or Christian WIlkins would be perfect with Flowers, but Jeffrey Simmons is another steal in this draft at 14.

The Pick: Jeffrey Simmons, DT - Mississippi State

#15- New York Jets (Trade w/ Redskins)

If the Jets pass on players like Josh Allen or Quinnen Williams, they could be making a mistake, but if the Redskins offer a plethora of picks (they have four in the first two rounds), the Jets may be inclined to move down since the draft is so deep. There are many holes for the Jets, O-Line, offensive skill positions, defensive holes all around, and having multiple picks in the first two rounds would help tremendously.

The Pick: Brian Burns, EDGE - Florida State

#16- Carolina Panthers

The Panthers need to get protection as he starts to age and faces more injuries. They could also use some help on the defensive side of the ball and try to recreate their 2015 defense that could win games for them. This draft is loaded with defensive talent and perfect for that.

The Pick: Christian Wilkins, DT - Clemson

#17- New York Giants (via Cleveland Browns)

The Giants have expressed extreme interest in Duke QB, Daniel Jones. Reports have said that they may want to select him with their sixth overall pick due to the fact that David Gettleman, the Giants general manager, is very high on him. I do not believe that Jones should be taken by any team in the first round, but the Giants need to find a replacement for Eli, maybe Jones will be it.

The Pick: Daniel Jones, QB - Duke

#18- Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have one need that stands out over any other position, offensive lineman. The Vikings need to take whoever is the best O-Line prospect available at their draft pick. If the top tier of linemen are gone, they could look to replace Sheldon Richardson.

The Pick: Cody Ford, OL - Oklahoma

#19- New England Patriots (Trade w/ Tennessee Titans)

The Patriots have a big need in their receiving core as Cordarrelle Patterson, Rob Gronkowski, and Chris Hogan have all either signed elsewhere or retired. With there being so much depth at the wide receiver position in this year's draft, the Pats should select a tight end to replace Gronk if they are trading up. I could see the Patriots passing on a player at one of the skill positions and selecting a defensive lineman or a best player available selection.

The Pick: T.J. Hockenson, TE - Iowa

#20- Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers should look to find some receivers later in the draft with the departure of Antonio Brown, but with such a deep receiver class, the Steelers can fill another need. They should look to the defensive side of the ball, most likely a defensive back.

The Pick: Byron Murphy, CB - Washington

#21- Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have to first round picks this year after dealing Frank Clark to the Chiefs. There are many talented prospects that Seattle could go with here. Continue to rebuild the defense, give Wilson some new weapons, or maybe even get him some more protection. With two picks in the late first, there are so many possibilities.

The Pick: Andre Dillard, OL - Washington State

#22- Green Bay Packers (Trade w/ Ravens)

The Packers have set themselves up nicely for them return of Aaron Rodgers. Two first rounder, improving the defense through free agency, this could be a goodnight year for them. Adding to Rodgers’ arsenal wouldn’t hurt, especially with Metcalf still on the board.

The Pick: D.K. Metcalf, WR - Ole Miss

#23- Houston Texans

The Texans number one need is to protect their franchise QB, Deshaun Watson. Unless someone falls ridiculously far to them, they should be taking an offensive lineman.

The Pick: Garrett Bradbury, OL - NC State

#24- Oakland Raiders (via Chicago Bears)

The Raiders have been heavily linked to Josh Jacobs, and with the the retirement of Marshawn Lynch, this could be his replacement and the next great Raiders running back.

The Pick: Josh Jacobs, RB - Alabama

#25- Philadelphia Eagles

I could see the Eagles trading back with a team wanting to secure a player before the end of day one. If not, I can see them going with someone on the defensive side of the back to help the defense get back to what is was.

The Pick: Rock Ya-Sin, CB - Temple

#26- Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need to give Andrew Luck some more weapons on the offensive side of the ball as well as add some help in the secondary. They could go either way here with a second rounder only 8 picks away.

The Pick: Nasir Adderley, S - Delaware

#27- Oakland Raiders (via Dallas Cowboys)

The Raiders could have a great first day of the draft. Addressing the defense and receivers are next. I think they’ll wait until the second round (35th pick overall) to select a wide receiver.

The Pick: DeAndre Baker, CB - Georgia

#28- Los Angeles Chargers

Many options here for the Chargers, they aren’t in a “win now” mode and should be looking to add a song much talent to their team as possible. With Nasir Adderley off the board, Johnathan Abrams ian the next best things and will fit in perfectly with Derwin James.

The Pick: Johnathan Abrams, S - Mississippi State

#29- Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have two options here, Greedy Williams or a wide receiver of their choice. Williams is the way to go here, trade back into the early second round and take a receiver like N’Keal Harry, Marquise Brown, or a later prospect like Andy Isabella.

The Pick: Greedy Williams, CB - LSU

#30- Green Bay Packers

With the Packers trading down and passing on Hockenson, Noah Fant is the perfect option here to pair with D.K. Metcalf, Rodgers should be all set with targets next season.

The Pick: Noah Fant, TE - Iowa

#31- Denver Broncos

The Broncos took Rashan Gary at #10 and passed on taking a quarterback. Their guy, Drew Lock, is still here at the end of day one, and with the Rams being perfect partners to trade up with due to them needing more draft capital, the Broncos get a top defensive lineman in the draft as well as their (hopefully) quarterback of the future. Drew Lock also gets his wish of going 32nd (almost).

The Pick: Drew Lock, QB - Missouri

#32- Tennessee Titans

Trading down with the Patriots was smart for the Titans as they gain draft capital that the Patriots were willing to give up, as well as being able to draft one of their positional needs.

The Pick: Dexter Lawrence, DL - Clemson