NBA Future Prospect: Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac: 6’10” and 210 lbs. Forward for Florida State

Jonathan Isaac is currently projected to be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. Isaac will likely be the first big man taken and for good reason. He has great size and athleticism and his talent level is through the roof. He’s a great offensive player with the ability to great his own shot and take over the game. He’s still young and needs time to mature but is more than worth a top 5 pick.

Isaac is so good at so many things it is hard to pinpoint one true strength. He can rebound, score, pass, and defend at a high level and his athleticism only amplifies those skills. Isaac is a dynamic offensive weapon with the ability to score in the post and shoot from outside. He can also pass the ball from out of the post and double teams efficiently. His offensive prowess is what will garner the most attention from NBA scouts.

Isaac is also a fantastic rebounder thanks to his size, athleticism, and a knack for knowing where to be when a shot goes up. He does work on the glass on the offensive and defensive side of the ball which is a testament to his work ethic on the floor. Isaac’s motor also allows for him to be a solid defender. He is capable of frustrating and slowing guards on the perimeter while also sealing off the rim with his length. Isaac doesn’t seem to ever take plays off which makes his skill set seem even more impressive.

Now with all of the skills and talent Isaac brings to the table it is hard to knock him for much. The only really area he could stand to change is his weight. He has good size for a forward but he is still pretty slight which could make life harder for him in the NBA. Luckily for Isaac he is young and has plenty of time, and seemingly the body type, to be able to put on some weight at the next level. If he can build up his strength he will truly be a nightmare for opponent’s in the NBA.

Isaac is all but a lock to go within the first 5 picks and there are plenty of teams at the top that could utilize his talents. He would be a great fit in Dallas to help pass the torch when Dirk retires. He would also be a nice option for the Phoenix Suns who are pretty thin in the front court. The Heat would also be a solid spot for Isaac to develop with the rest of their young talent. No matter where Isaac does end up though, he will be sure to make a huge impact.

Featured Game: Loss vs. Syracuse 82-72

The featured game I chose for Isaac was Florida State’s game against Syracuse on 1/28/17. Isaac finished the game with 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Much of the first half Isaac struggled with his asthma and it clearly effected his play as he struggled to make an impact. The second half was a different story as he single handedly pulled Florida State back into the game with his dynamic play. The most impressive part was that Syracuse was actively double teaming him as much as possible but he did a great job of getting a shot off or finding an open teammate. While the Seminoles ultimately couldn’t pull out the win Isaac showed what kind of force he can be. The team that lands this kid in the draft will be much better for it.

1st Half Shot Chart:

2nd Half Shot Chart: