BREAKING: Kevin Durant to sign with Los Angeles Sparks after their WNBA title win

By Jschiller123
Oct. 21, 2016

The Los Angeles Sparks just won their first WNBA Championship and no one was paying more attention to the team than Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant. Immediately after the Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx in Game 5 of the Finals, Durant announced that he would be signing a contract with the Los Angeles team the next day. Durant had just signed with the Warriors in free agency this summer, but there were rumors lingering that he was leaning towards making a move to the WNBA. Durant is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow morning to make the move official.

In an interview with reporters a couple minutes ago Durant said, "I just thought the move would make sense for me." When asked about why he was changing teams again, he replied "the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals. Since the WNBA Finals only goes to 5 games, there is no possible way that it could happen if I joined the Sparks." This move makes sense for Durant. The move from San Francisco to Los Angeles is staying within the state and he would have a good shot at possibly making it into the starting lineup. Can't you just wait to see a Brittany Giner/Kevin Durant matchup?

Reaction from around the NBA from players and analysts was not surprising. Many NBA executives believe that since Durant has a tendency to choke in big games, joining the WNBA might help take some of the pressure off of him. NBA players also believe that Durant's shooting percentage is going to sky rocket once he starts to play in the WNBA. An anonymous NBA player (Russell Westbrook) was interviewed and said, "since those scrawny arms can't shoot a normal NBA Basketball, I'll doubt he will have no problem shooting a WNBA basketball."

Best of luck Kevin.