Can we just leave Penn State's kicker alone?

By Jschiller123
Oct. 08, 2016
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Now I'm not a conspiracy guy, but this is the second week in a row that a player has been ejected from a game for a hit on Penn State's sophomore kicker Joey Julius. 

Today's incident came in the game against Maryland when  Isaiah Davis took a cheap shot on Julius, who was not even close to making any kind of play on the ball. A very similar incident occurred in last week's game against Minnesota when Jaylen Waters was ejected for a hit on Julius.

Julius is not your ordinary kicker. The 5'10, 260 pound kicker has knack for making big plays against kick returners. Earlier in the season against Michigan, the kicker laid a huge hit on Michigan returner Jourdan Lewis. Julius blew by former #1 high school recruit Jabril Peppers and destroyed Lewis, almost close lining him. The hit left both Julius and Lewis a little shaken up, but it was absolutely hilarious.  

Not sure if Sean Payton set a bounty on this kid or something but these kinds of hits are just dangerous. If you are going to make a play on the big guy, don't take a cheap shot on him. Just shows how feared Julius is by kick returners throughout the nation. Imagine watching film for the upcoming week and seeing a 260 pound kicker destroy kick returners.  I think every team needs a big man as a kicker. Nowadays you see too many scrawny kickers who are too afraid to make a play on returners. Like Australia has the academy's producing college punters, we need one for big kickers.