The Ravens can't win when I go to games

By Jschiller123
Oct. 17, 2016

I was never really a conspiracy theory guy, but that all changed once I started going to Ravens game. Since my first game I ever attended in 2007, I have never been to a regular season game where the Ravens have won. I am currently 0-8 in regular season games that I have attended. Every single time...heartbreak. This has left we wondering if it is my fault that the Ravens cannot win when I am there. Let's take a look at the games I've been to.

2007 AFC Divisional Playoff game: Colts 15 Ravens 6.

Can't say I remember too much of this game since I was only 10 years old at the time, but I do remember that this was the loss that started the beginning of my curse. I went to the game with my Dad, who had bought Raven's season tickets for the first time, and what a season to do it. With Steve McNair at quarterback (RIP), he led the Ravens to a 13-3 regular season record and they blew away the AFC North to win the division easy. Dad never took me to a regular season game, but decided to take me to the playoff game. Maybe he couldn't find anyone else to go with and I was the last option, so good for me right? Wrong. Ravens played absolutely awful. McNair threw for 173, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs and the Ravens shit the bed in a game where the only points scored came from field goals.

2010 Regular Season game: Steelers 13 Ravens 10

Because of my Dad's job we moved away from Maryland for 2 years and eventually moved back. My spirits were high. In 2008, the Ravens drafted a promising quarterback in Joe Flacco in the first round and a solid running back in Ray Race in the second round(we all know how that one worked out). The Ravens had made the playoffs twice since of the arrival of the 2 and things were looking very bright for the organization, of course until I started coming to games again. I had met a good friend my freshman year of high-school and he invited me to go to the Ravens/Steelers game. I was ecstatic, my first Ravens/Steelers game. This is considered one of the best rivalries in all of sports and I was going to be able to be apart of it in person. It was a classic game, cold weather, two great teams, and fans fighting everywhere. I remember Ravens nose-tackle Haloti Ngata breaking Ben Roethlisberger's nose mid game. What a great scene it was.

You would think after this great experience the Ravens must have won for sure! WRONG. Curse strikes again and the Steelers scored 10 points in the 4th quarter to pull out a 13-10 win.

2015 Regular Season game: Bengals 28 Ravens 24

Fast forward 5 years, had not attended a game since 2010. In between this time I had seen my team make a magical run to win Super-Bowl in 2012 and Ray Lewis rode out into the sunset. My dad had once again purchased season tickets for the 2015 season. At the time, we lived in New York, but my brother and I went to college down in Maryland, so my dad let us go to most of the regular season. Little did he know, that was just a terrible idea. I went to the Ravens home opener against the Bengals. The Ravens were coming off 2 close losses to the Broncos and Raiders, but they were at home and the atmosphere was electric. I wore my "Joe Flacco is Elite" shirt and proceeded to take a picture with the caption "Andy Dalton sits when he pees". Andy Dalton must have seen my comment because he threw for almost 400 yards and AJ Green torched the Ravens with a career high 227 receiving yards and 2 TDs. Still, no doubt in myself about me cursing the team. The defense looked bad and obviously it was all on the coaches and players.

2015 Regular Season game: Browns 33 Ravens 30

This was the game that really began to have me start doubting myself. As bad as the Ravens had been playing that season, there is no way they could lose to the Browns. The Ravens had just come off their first win of the season in overtime against the Steelers, so I was feeling confident. But oh boy was I wrong. Josh McCown went ahead and threw for a career high 457 yards and 2 TDs and the Browns won 33-30 in OT. I had never witnessed anything like it in my life. Josh McCown, who could never hold a steady starting spot with a team in the NFL threw for almost 500 yards. Now watching A.J. Green catch for over 200 yards in the season opener was understandable, the guy is a top 5 receiver in the league. But JOSH MCCOWN? The guy is horrible and so are the Browns. Curse continues.

2015 Regular Season game: Seahawks 35 Ravens 6

Now I knew the Ravens were going to get destroyed in this game, so I really kind of had it coming to me for going to this one. The whole Ravens team was hurt and Jimmy Clauson was starting at quarterback. But still, at home, maybe the Ravens could pull together some pride to make this a close game and pull out the win. Sat next to 2 extremely fat and drunk Seahawks fans who had to show me their Washington State driver's license to convince me that they weren't bandwagon Seahawks fans. Really not much to say about this game since the Ravens got the shit kicked out of them, but for the 3rd game in a row, I got to watch a player record a career mark. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw for a career high 5 TDs. I didn't even post a picture before the game making fun of him, I think he just honestly hated me.

2016 Regular season game: Raiders 28 Ravens 27

Moved back to Maryland, AGAIN. Even after a terrible season, Dad decided to keep season tickets and bought 2 more. Double the chance of me going and ruining the Ravens chance to win. I was excluded from the home opener against the Buffalo Bills, were the Ravens did win 13-7. New season, new me? Nope. I was invited to the next home game against the Oakland Raiders. With another game that I attended, came another loss for the Ravens. I got to watch 40-50 year old drunk Raiders fans in tight black leggings and shoulder pads yell and scream as the Ravens lost a heart breaker 28-27. After the game, my Dad says to me "Not sure if I can bring you to any more games because the Ravens always lose when you go." My bad luck had started to become aware to my own family. If my dad was smart, he wouldn't have taken me to another game, but he did.

2016 Regular Season game: Redskins 16 Ravens 10

This was the last game at home that I may ever attend. A big rivalry game against the kind-of instate rivals Washington Redskins. CJ Mosley intercepted a Kirk Cousin's pass and dove towards the pylon, only to fumble it out of the back of the end-zone and the Redskins got the ball back. No way that happens at a game where I'm not there. I'm telling you it has to be me. The Redskins pulled out a 16-10 win and I was left thinking if I was every going to go to another Ravens game again. The team cannot win when I am there. I was sick to my stomach as I watched the Redskins fans celebrate the win, I hate the Redskins.

2016 Regular Season game: Giants 27 Ravens 23

I really do hate myself for this one. So the Ravens can't win when I'm at home, so maybe they can win when I go to an away game? Nah. I spent all of last week looking for 2 tickets to the game and had no idea that nosebleeds at MetLife Stadium were so damn expensive. I was able to find a guy who was selling 2 lower level tickets for face value, a great deal. My friend and I pulled the trigger and got the tickets. I drove up to his house on Saturday and we went to the game yesterday. Met the guy in the parking lot of a Days Inn and Hooters so I should have known this was the start of something bad. I am sure by now all of you know how it ended up. ONCE AGAIN, I kid you not, I posted a picture on Instagram with a caption making fun of Odell Beckham Jr. I called him a cry-baby. I got to sit in my seat as the whole stadium went crazy when OBJ ran for a 66 yard touchdown with 1:24 left in the game to beat the Ravens 27-23. And of course with my luck, OBJ had a CAREER HIGH of 222 yards and 2 TDs. This is the same guy who the past 2 weeks played horribly and told the media that he wasn't having fun playing the game anymore. Oh did he have fun playing when I was there. I watched him score the game winning touchdown and take a knee to propose to the field goal net. 100% the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I am convinced he is the biggest douche-bag in the league now.

I vow to never attend another Ravens game again. I know it is only 8 games and that may seem like a small sample size, but I legitimately believe the Ravens cannot win when I am at the game. I somehow post a picture before the game, instigating a player on the opposing team and they proceed to post a career high day and beat the Ravens. No more games for me. I am officially done.