5 Reasons why the Dallas Cowboys SHOULDN'T appeal Ezekiel Elliott's suspension

First of all let me clarify that I don't support the way the NFL has handled this case, I believe they have been sloppy and are passing down a punishment without being a hundred percent sure if the allegations against the Cowboys' star running back are accurate. Which is all a subject on itself parting from the role of "jury, judge, and executioner" that commissioner Godell plays.

Having said that, I also believe that the Cowboys shouldn't fight this, and here are the reasons why:


Zeke is one of the most exciting players I've seen in a long time, for my money he is the best running back in the NFL today; with a low and thick center of gravity, speed and toughness for days, and outstanding athleticism. Every time they handle him the ball it legimately feels like he could go all the way (Thanks O-Line as well), and paired with the outstanding Dak Prescott at quarter back and all the other weapons that accompany them, he should be on cloud 9... Until we remember players also live outside the field.

Elliott is great on the field, he needs a LOT of work outside. Wether the allegations of domestic violence are true or not, Zeke is far from being a role model, I'm not questioning his character or values as a person, I'm just pointing out that he puts himself in bad positions for anyone, let alone a public figure. He must learn to carry himself in a better fashion (Slight dig at the crop top), because if he is going to be one of the faces of the Dallas Cowboys for years to come, a lot of eyes are going to be on top of him non-stop.


"Well he did some other stuff and he maybe did that, and it has been a year and we don't really have anything conclusive... 6 games?... 6 games"

The NFL is not the team of "Law and Order" when it comes to solving cases, they actually kind of suck to be honest ("More likely than not" shouldn't be enough to condem someone). So it should be no surprise that the conclusion to this year long story has come to a dusty finish.

Roger Godell has to much power, we all know that, but that's the way it was agreed on by the majority of the league, so what he says go. If he already dealt the verdict, take it on the chin, show the world that you will play by the rules and keep your head high while doing it. You can even probably get a big part of the public on your side (I say probably because they are still the Cowboys).

Let Godell be the villain.


For the sake of argument let's say Jerry Jones pulls out the upset against the NFL, and Elliott gets to play the beginning of the season. Fast forward to week 14, everything is going smooth, the Cowboys are 10-2 with the playoffs clear in sight, when something new in the investigation is revealed and now the league has all it needs to reinstate Zeke's suspension. Now, your star running back is out for the last 4 games of the regular season (While probably battling for the number 1 seed) and the first two games of the playoffs.

Get it over with, because...


I know, I know... It's a rough first six games for the Cowboys, but Dak Presscot will demonstrate why he is already being compared to Tom Brady. Dak showed greatness last season, he will prove that he is THE man in the six games without his star running back.

Remember, Dallas has weapons all over the field on the offensive side of the football, including the best offensive line in the league. Also, McFadden and Morris are more than capable of sharing the load until Elliott returns. (And I hear a rookie is making some noise)

You could say that this point is somewhat contradictory to the last one, but there is a huge difference between football in September and October to football in December and January. You need your biggest stars when do or die time comes around.

And finally.


Last year Tom Brady missed the first four games of the season, it turned out ok.

It is ricoulus to compare an at the time 39 year old quarter back with a 22 year young running back, but hear me out; Elliott will be back with 10 games left on the season, that's a lot of football left to play. Even if you argue for a lack of rythim, at most it should take him 2 games to get on the same page as his partners. (And that is really reaching, he is not injured)

Having a fresher Zeke for the remaining two thirds of the season and the playoffs could make the suspension seem as a blessing in disguise.